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capable, inept, incapable, unskilled



How to pronounce competent (audio)

Dictionary definition of competent

Possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to effectively perform a task, fulfill a role, or handle a particular situation.
"The competent doctor quickly identified the symptoms of the patient."

Detailed meaning of competent

A competent individual is knowledgeable and capable, possessing the necessary expertise, experience, and qualities to succeed in their field or area of responsibility. They can be relied upon to meet deadlines, produce quality work, and make sound decisions based on their understanding of the task at hand. A competent person is confident in their abilities, but also recognizes their limitations and seeks to improve their skills through learning and practice. In summary, the term "competent" describes someone who is skilled, knowledgeable, dependable, and effective in their role or profession.

Example sentences of competent

1. She is a competent manager who leads with confidence.
2. The lawyer provided competent legal advice.
3. The engineer proved competent in solving complex problems.
4. A competent teacher can inspire a love for learning.
5. The doctor's diagnosis was thorough and competent.
6. Competent leadership is essential for a successful project.

History and etymology of competent

The adjective 'competent' has its origins in Latin, where it stems from the word 'competens,' which is the present participle form of the verb 'competere.' 'Competere' can be broken down into 'com,' meaning 'together,' and 'petere,' meaning 'to seek' or 'to go toward.' This etymology suggests the idea of individuals coming together with the necessary skills and qualities to fulfill a particular function or task effectively. Over time, in English, 'competent' has come to represent the state of being well-qualified or capable, highlighting the notion of having the requisite knowledge and abilities to perform a task or handle a situation proficiently. The evolution of the word reflects the importance placed on competence and proficiency in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of competent

1. The chef is highly competent in creating exquisite dishes.
2. Competent drivers adhere to traffic laws.
3. A competent pilot ensures a safe flight.
4. The IT specialist is competent in troubleshooting issues.
5. Competent teamwork leads to project success.
6. A competent writer crafts engaging stories.
7. The mechanic is competent in repairing various vehicles.
8. Competent parenting requires patience and understanding.
9. The athlete's performance was competent but not exceptional.
10. A competent accountant maintains accurate financial records.
11. Competent customer service resolves issues efficiently.
12. The scientist's research is highly competent and thorough.
13. Competent communication is crucial in any relationship.
14. A competent artist can convey deep emotions through art.
15. He is the most competent employee in the team.
16. Competent communication skills are essential for any job.
17. I need to find a competent lawyer to represent me in court.
18. The new employee proved to be quite competent in his work.
19. The competent teacher easily managed the classroom.
20. The success of the project was attributed to the competent leadership of the manager.
21. She was offered a promotion for her competent performance in the company.
22. A competent musician is capable of playing various musical instruments.
23. Competent driving skills are crucial for road safety.
24. The contractor was praised for his competent handling of the construction project.
25. It's important to choose a competent vendor for the supply of raw materials.


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