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praise, criticism, censure, disparagement


Acknowledgment and Acceptance, Excellence and Virtue, Praise and Respect



How to pronounce laudation (audio)


Dictionary definition of laudation

The act of praising or expressing admiration for someone or something.
"The singer's performance was met with thunderous laudation from the audience."

Detailed meaning of laudation

It represents the recognition and celebration of the qualities, achievements, or merits of an individual, a group, or an object. Laudation involves the expression of positive feedback, commendation, or applause, acknowledging the excellence, success, or contributions of the subject being praised. It can manifest in various forms, such as spoken or written words, public acknowledgment, awards, or accolades. Laudation serves to uplift, motivate, and honor the accomplishments or virtues of the recipient, instilling a sense of pride and encouragement. It plays a crucial role in fostering appreciation, recognition, and positive reinforcement in personal, professional, and societal contexts. Laudation promotes a culture of encouragement, inspiration, and support, reinforcing the value and impact of exemplary actions, qualities, or creations.

Example sentences containing laudation

1. The athlete received a standing ovation and words of laudation for breaking the world record.
2. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery garnered widespread laudation from the scientific community.
3. The teacher's dedication and innovative teaching methods earned her the laudation of her students and colleagues.
4. The artist's exhibition received glowing laudation from art critics and enthusiasts alike.
5. The humanitarian's selfless acts of kindness were met with heartfelt laudation from the community.
6. The author's latest book received high laudation, with readers praising its compelling narrative.

History and etymology of laudation

The noun 'laudation' has its roots in the Latin word 'laudatio,' derived from the verb 'laudare,' which means to praise or extol. In the realm of language and expression, 'laudation' refers to the act of praising or expressing admiration for someone or something. Its etymology showcases its inherent connection to the practice of commendation and acclaim. By tracing its origins to Latin, 'laudation' underscores the longstanding human tradition of recognizing and celebrating the merits and virtues of individuals, ideas, or accomplishments through spoken or written words of praise.

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Further usage examples of laudation

1. The company's commitment to sustainability earned them the laudation of environmental organizations.
2. The film director's visionary storytelling and artistic vision received widespread laudation at film festivals.
3. The charity organization's efforts to alleviate poverty were met with gratitude and laudation from beneficiaries.
4. The politician's impassioned speech garnered laudation from supporters who admired his advocacy for social justice.
5. The student's outstanding academic performance earned her the laudation of her teachers and parents.
6. Her laudation of his achievements was heartfelt and genuine.
7. The laudation of the legendary athlete echoed throughout the stadium.
8. The laudation in the press boosted the actor's career significantly.
9. The teacher's laudation motivated the students to excel in their studies.
10. The CEO received widespread laudation for her leadership skills.
11. The book's laudation on the cover came from a renowned critic.
12. The laudation of the charity's work inspired people to donate.
13. His laudation of her artistry was evident in his glowing review.
14. The mayor's laudation of the city's progress was well-received.
15. The professor's laudation of the student's research was a proud moment.
16. The film's laudation at the film festival surprised many.
17. The laudation for the humanitarian efforts touched everyone's hearts.
18. The laudation of his courage in the face of adversity was moving.
19. The politician's laudation of the new policy was met with skepticism.
20. The community's laudation of the volunteer's dedication was well-deserved.
21. The award ceremony was filled with heartfelt laudation for the winners.
22. The laudation of her culinary skills made her a sought-after chef.
23. The scientist's laudation of the breakthrough discovery was inspiring.
24. The laudation of the historic event filled the air with excitement.
25. The audience erupted in laudation after the musician's performance.

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