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How to pronounce legible (audio)


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Dictionary definition of legible

Clear and easy to read or decipher.
"The handwriting on the note was barely legible, making it difficult to decipher the message."

Detailed meaning of legible

When a text, handwriting, or printed material is legible, the characters and words are distinct, well-formed, and easily recognizable. Legibility is crucial for effective communication, as it ensures that the intended message can be comprehended without difficulty. In typography and graphic design, legibility encompasses factors such as appropriate font choice, sufficient spacing between characters and lines, and suitable contrast between the text and background. In the context of handwriting, legibility depends on factors like proper letter formation, consistent size, and clarity of strokes. Whether it is a printed document, signage, or personal writing, legibility plays a significant role in facilitating readability and understanding, ultimately enhancing the overall quality and accessibility of written information.

Example sentences containing legible

1. The font size of the document was adjusted to make it more legible for readers.
2. Please write your answers in a neat and legible manner so that I can read them easily.
3. The designer chose a legible font that would be easily readable even from a distance.
4. The sign was poorly designed, with small letters that were barely legible to passing drivers.
5. The professor's handwriting was so messy that students often struggled to find it legible.
6. The menu at the restaurant was printed in a legible font, making it easy to choose from the options.

History and etymology of legible

The adjective 'legible' can be traced back to the Latin word 'legibilis,' derived from 'legere,' which means 'to read.' 'Legible' describes something that is clear and easy to read or decipher, emphasizing its readability. Its etymology underscores the essential connection between 'legibility' and the act of reading itself, emphasizing the importance of clear and comprehensible writing and print in effective communication. Whether in handwritten text or printed material, 'legible' highlights the quality of being readily understandable and accessible to readers, enabling the dissemination of information and ideas with ease.

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Further usage examples of legible

1. The company's logo was crisp and legible, ensuring brand recognition.
2. The instructions were written in a legible format, providing clear guidance to the users.
3. The author emphasized the importance of legible writing for effective communication in the book.
4. The typist made sure to proofread the document to ensure it was error-free and legible.
5. The street signs in the city were designed with large, legible letters to assist pedestrians and drivers.
6. The legible handwriting on the note made it easy to understand.
7. Please write in a legible font for the presentation slides.
8. The map's legible labels guided us through the unfamiliar city.
9. The instructions were so legible that anyone could follow them.
10. The sign's legible lettering ensured safe navigation.
11. Her meticulous handwriting was always legible.
12. The document's legible text made for quick comprehension.
13. The printed menu was legible despite the dim lighting.
14. The road signs were old but still legible.
15. I tried to make my notes as legible as possible.
16. The professor's lecture notes were neatly legible.
17. The recipe's legible instructions helped me cook a delicious meal.
18. The legal contract's legible terms were crucial to understand.
19. The artist's signature was barely legible.
20. The code's legible comments aided in debugging.
21. The novel's legible font made for easy reading.
22. The legible font choice enhanced the website's user experience.
23. The doctor's handwriting was surprisingly legible.
24. The street address was barely legible on the old envelope.
25. The legible label on the medicine bottle provided clear dosage instructions.



readable, illegible, unclear, unreadable


Suffix -ible, ACT 6 (American College Testing), Accuracy and Precision, Clarity and Candor

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