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How to pronounce comprehensible (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'comprehensible'

Capable of being understood, grasped, or perceived in a clear and intelligible manner.
"The teacher explained complex scientific concepts in a comprehensible manner."

Detailed Meaning of 'comprehensible'

It indicates that information, language, or concepts are presented in a way that is accessible, logical, and capable of being comprehended by others. When something is comprehensible, it is free from obscurity, ambiguity, or confusion, allowing individuals to make sense of it. It implies clarity, coherence, and organization, enabling individuals to perceive and make meaning from the subject matter at hand. Comprehensible information or communication facilitates effective comprehension, as it aligns with the cognitive abilities and knowledge base of the intended audience. The adjective "comprehensible" signifies the ability to be understood, conveying ideas, instructions, or concepts in a manner that promotes understanding and facilitates meaningful engagement.

History and Etymology of 'comprehensible'

The adjective 'comprehensible' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'comprehendere,' which is a fusion of 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'prehendere' meaning 'to grasp' or 'to seize.' This etymology beautifully captures the essence of 'comprehensible' as something that can be 'grasped together' or understood in a clear and intelligible manner. It signifies the capability of information, ideas, or concepts to be readily perceived and absorbed by the mind, highlighting the idea of clarity and ease in understanding. Thus, the term 'comprehensible' maintains its etymological link to the concept of grasping or seizing knowledge or meaning in a coherent and accessible way.

Examples of 'comprehensible' in a Sentence

1. The book simplified the historical events, making them comprehensible for young readers.
2. The trainer used visual aids to make the instructions more comprehensible.
3. The presenter used simple language to ensure the content was comprehensible to diverse audiences.
4. The artist's abstract painting was open to interpretation, but still had a comprehensible underlying theme.
5. The tutorial video provided step-by-step instructions to make the process easily comprehensible.
6. The professor's lecture was incredibly comprehensible to even the novice students.
7. Her explanation of complex theories made the subject matter highly comprehensible.
8. The user-friendly interface made the software comprehensible for all users.
9. The author's writing style is known for being both elegant and comprehensible.
10. The instructions were so clear that they made the assembly process highly comprehensible.
11. The graphics in the presentation made the data easily comprehensible.
12. The teacher's explanations were concise, making the material comprehensible.
13. The diagram provided a comprehensible visualization of the concept.
14. The legal jargon was translated into comprehensible language for the jury.
15. The technical manual was written in a way that was easily comprehensible.
16. The new textbook offers comprehensible examples for better understanding.
17. The signage at the museum was designed to be universally comprehensible.
18. The speaker used metaphors to make the complex topic comprehensible.
19. The infographic simplified the statistics, making them comprehensible.
20. The scientist's discoveries were groundbreaking yet comprehensible to all.
21. The chef's culinary explanations were both fascinating and comprehensible.
22. The math tutor's approach made difficult equations more comprehensible.
23. The journalist's reporting was known for being clear and comprehensible.
24. The software's help menu provides comprehensible instructions.
25. The translator worked diligently to ensure the document was comprehensible.





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