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How to pronounce maiden (audio)

Dictionary definition of maiden

Undertaken or experienced for the very first time, often with a sense of pioneering or uncharted territory.
"The team is preparing for their maiden voyage across the ocean."

Detailed meaning of maiden

It implies a sense of novelty and inaugural significance. For example, a "maiden voyage" refers to the first journey of a newly built ship, emphasizing its untested nature and the anticipation of how it will perform. Similarly, a "maiden speech" might describe a politician's inaugural public address, highlighting the importance of this first communication with the public. In essence, "maiden" conveys the idea of a debut or an initial occurrence, often carrying with it a sense of excitement, potential, and the expectation of future developments.

Example sentences containing maiden

1. The company's maiden product launch was a huge success.
2. The artist's maiden exhibition was well-received by critics.
3. The company's maiden flight was delayed due to technical issues.
4. The author's maiden novel was a bestseller.
5. The country's maiden space mission was a historic achievement.
6. The chef's maiden restaurant is now a Michelin-starred establishment.

History and etymology of maiden

The adjective 'maiden,' when used to describe something undertaken or experienced for the very first time, often carries a sense of pioneering or venturing into uncharted territory. Its etymology can be traced back to the Old English word 'mǣgden,' which referred to a young unmarried woman or a virgin. Over time, the term evolved to encompass the idea of something being in its initial or untouched state, akin to the purity and newness associated with a young woman who had not yet married. Thus, when we describe an endeavor or experience as 'maiden,' we are invoking the notion of it being a first-time or inaugural occurrence, often with an element of novelty or exploration, as if it were stepping into the unexplored realm of possibility.

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Further usage examples of maiden

1. The team is looking forward to their maiden performance in the championship.
2. The company's maiden public offering was met with strong investor demand.
3. The singer's maiden album was a critical and commercial success.
4. The company's maiden self-driving car successfully completed its first test drive.
5. The athlete's maiden Olympic appearance ended in a gold medal.
6. Her maiden voyage as captain was filled with excitement and anticipation.
7. The maiden flight of the new aircraft was a momentous occasion.
8. The team celebrated their maiden championship win with joyous cheers.
9. The maiden edition of the magazine featured groundbreaking articles.
10. His maiden attempt at rock climbing was both challenging and rewarding.
11. The company's maiden product launch drew a crowd of eager customers.
12. The maiden solo performance by the young pianist left the audience spellbound.
13. Their maiden backpacking adventure took them through breathtaking landscapes.
14. The maiden art exhibition showcased the talents of emerging artists.
15. Her maiden foray into entrepreneurship was met with enthusiasm.
16. The maiden lunar landing was a historic milestone for mankind.
17. The maiden novel by the unknown author became an overnight sensation.
18. The maiden software release received positive reviews for its innovation.
19. His maiden speech as president-elect inspired hope and optimism.
20. The maiden attempt at a world record was a remarkable feat of endurance.
21. The maiden voyage of the cruise ship was marked by smooth sailing.
22. The maiden attempt to scale the uncharted peak was a daring adventure.
23. Her maiden race in the professional circuit was a thrilling experience.
24. The maiden harvest of the organic farm yielded bountiful produce.
25. The maiden art installation in the park added a touch of creativity to the landscape.



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