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How to pronounce orifice (audio)

Dictionary definition of orifice

An opening or entrance to a cavity or canal in the body, or to any other kind of structure or object.
"The surgeon created an orifice in the patient's abdomen to perform the operation."

Detailed meaning of orifice

This can include natural bodily orifices, such as the mouth, nose, ears, and anus, as well as artificial orifices created for medical or surgical purposes, such as stoma or feeding tube openings. Orifices can also refer to openings in machinery or equipment, such as a pipe or valve, that allow for the flow or discharge of fluids or gases. In general, the term "orifice" is used to describe any kind of aperture or entrance, whether natural or artificial, that leads to an enclosed space.

Example sentences containing orifice

1. The plumber fixed the clogged orifice in the sink.
2. The doctor examined the patient's nasal orifice for signs of infection.
3. The orifice of the cave led to an underground chamber.
4. The gas leak was traced back to a faulty orifice in the pipeline.
5. The spa offered a relaxing treatment that involved steaming the facial orifice.
6. The insect's feeding orifice was perfectly adapted to its chosen flower.

History and etymology of orifice

The noun 'orifice' has its roots in the Latin word 'orificium,' which is derived from the combination of 'os,' meaning 'mouth,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' This etymology reflects the essence of an orifice as an opening or entrance, resembling a mouth, that allows the passage of various substances or serves as an entry point. 'Orifice' came into English usage in the 15th century and is commonly employed in anatomical and technical contexts to describe openings or cavities in the body, machinery, or structures, emphasizing their function as entryways or outlets for fluids, gases, or other materials.

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Further usage examples of orifice

1. The technician cleaned the printer's ink orifice to improve print quality.
2. The volcanic eruption caused a release of pressure from the Earth's orifice.
3. The investigation focused on the orifice of the ventilation system.
4. The orifice of the old water fountain was covered in moss.
5. The sewer system's maintenance crew inspected each orifice regularly.
6. The musician's trumpet produced a resonant sound from its orifice.
7. The wildlife documentary captured animals using their orifices for various purposes.
8. The rocket's exhaust orifice propelled it into the sky.
9. The anatomist studied the orifices of various animals for comparative research.
10. The machine's cleaning cycle included flushing the detergent through the soap orifice.
11. The orifice at the bottom of the dam controlled water flow.
12. The fish's gills served as its breathing orifice.
13. The engineer designed a specialized nozzle with a precision orifice for accurate spraying.
14. The sculpture featured an abstract representation of an orifice as its focal point.



opening, closure, seal, blockage


Biology and Nature, Medical Conditions and Treatments, Anatomy and Biology

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