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How to pronounce perspicacious (audio)

Dictionary definition of perspicacious

Insightful, perceptive, and able to understand things clearly and quickly.
"The detective's perspicacious observations led to the culprit's capture."

Detailed meaning of perspicacious

A perspicacious person is able to see through things and understand the underlying meaning or significance of a situation or person. They have a sharp and clear mind, with the ability to comprehend and make sense of complex ideas and situations. They can be described as astute, shrewd, or wise.

A perspicacious person is able to see through the surface of things and understand the underlying meaning or significance. They can quickly understand the implications of a situation or the underlying motives of a person. They are able to anticipate events and react accordingly. They are also able to learn quickly, and can apply their knowledge in new situations.

Perspicacious can also be used to describe a thing or an action, for example, a perspicacious observation, means that the observation is insightful and perceptive. A perspicacious plan, means that the plan is well thought out and able to achieve its goal in a clear and efficient way.

Overall, perspicacious implies a clear and quick understanding of complex ideas or situations, and an ability to see through the surface of things and understand their underlying meaning or significance.

Example sentences containing perspicacious

1. Her perspicacious analysis of the situation impressed everyone.
2. The detective's perspicacious mind solved the complex case.
3. His perspicacious observations revealed hidden truths.
4. The perspicacious journalist uncovered a scandal.
5. The professor's perspicacious lectures enlightened students.
6. Her perspicacious questions challenged conventional wisdom.

History and etymology of perspicacious

The adjective 'perspicacious' has its etymological roots in Latin and is linked to the Latin word 'perspicax,' which means 'sharp-sighted' or 'clear-sighted.' This term is formed from 'per,' meaning 'through,' and 'specere,' meaning 'to look' or 'to see.' Therefore, 'perspicacious' originally described someone with the ability to see through things clearly and keenly, much like someone with sharp vision. Over time, this concept extended beyond physical sight to signify an individual who possesses keen insight, perceptiveness, and the ability to understand things clearly and quickly. Consequently, the etymology of 'perspicacious' underscores its historical connection to clarity of perception and the capacity for insightful and perceptive understanding.

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Further usage examples of perspicacious

1. The CEO's perspicacious leadership drove the company's success.
2. The artist's perspicacious eye captured the essence of the scene.
3. The judge's perspicacious ruling upheld justice.
4. The scientist's perspicacious theories reshaped the field.
5. His perspicacious wit entertained and provoked thought.
6. The coach's perspicacious strategy led to victory.
7. The critic's perspicacious reviews influenced public opinion.
8. Her perspicacious understanding of human behavior informed her work.
9. The counselor's perspicacious advice guided troubled youth.
10. The investor's perspicacious decisions yielded significant returns.
11. The teacher's perspicacious feedback improved student performance.
12. The historian's perspicacious analysis shed light on the past.
13. The mentor's perspicacious guidance shaped future leaders.
14. The politician's perspicacious diplomacy fostered international relations.
15. The perspicacious trader sold his commodities stocks before the market crashed.
16. She was known for her perspicacious insights and quick thinking.
17. His perspicacious analysis of the situation saved the company from financial ruin.
18. The judge's perspicacious ruling was based on a thorough examination of the evidence.
19. The teacher's perspicacious instruction helped the students grasp complex concepts.
20. The author's perspicacious writing style made the novel a best seller.
21. The investor's perspicacious decision to buy stocks in the company paid off handsomely.
22. The journalist's perspicacious reporting revealed the truth behind the scandal.
23. The scientist's perspicacious research led to a breakthrough in the field.
24. The consultant's perspicacious advice helped the company increase its profits.
25. The coach's perspicacious guidance helped the team win the championship.
26. The therapist's perspicacious observation helped the patient understand the root of their problem.



perceptive, unobservant, oblivious, insensitive


GRE 12 (Graduate Record Examination), Critical and Analytical, Comprehension and Understanding, Acumen and Insight, Prediction and Foresight, Insight and Intelligence

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