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How to pronounce canny (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'canny'

Shrewd, clever, and resourceful in one's judgments and actions.
"The canny investor always knew when to buy and sell stocks for maximum profit."

Detailed meaning of 'canny'

A canny individual demonstrates keen perception, astuteness, and a knack for making wise decisions. They possess a sharp intellect and are often skilled at navigating complex situations with insight and prudence. Canny individuals tend to have a deep understanding of human behavior and are adept at assessing risks and opportunities. They possess a practical and pragmatic approach to problem-solving, using their wit and intuition to their advantage. A canny person is often characterized by their ability to make sound judgments and anticipate outcomes, demonstrating a combination of intelligence, intuition, and practicality in their decision-making.

History and etymology of 'canny'

The adjective 'canny' has an interesting etymology that can be traced back to Scotland. It is believed to have originated from the Scots word 'cannie,' which meant 'knowing' or 'shrewd.' The exact origins of 'cannie' are somewhat obscure, but it has been in use in Scottish dialects for centuries. 'Cannie' embodies the idea of being astute, clever, and resourceful in one's judgments and actions. Over time, it found its way into broader English usage to describe individuals who are prudent, cautious, and skilled at making wise decisions. The etymology of 'canny' thus reflects its Scottish heritage, where it has long been used to characterize individuals with a keen sense of judgment and a knack for navigating situations wisely.

Example sentences containing 'canny'

1. His canny wit and humor made him a crowd favorite during the comedy show.
2. The canny detective pieced together the evidence to solve the complex case.
3. The canny strategist devised a clever plan to outwit the opponent.
4. She had a canny ability to read people's intentions through their body language.
5. The canny shopper compared prices and quality before making a purchase.
6. Her canny decision-making led to a successful business venture.
7. The canny negotiator secured a favorable contract for his client.
8. He's a canny investor who always knows when to buy or sell.
9. The canny detective solved the complex case with ease.
10. A canny leader knows how to motivate and inspire their team.
11. The canny politician gained the support of key constituents.
12. His canny observations allowed him to predict market trends.
13. She has a canny ability to read people's intentions.
14. The canny strategist devised a brilliant marketing campaign.
15. A canny entrepreneur seizes opportunities when they arise.
16. The canny chef created a unique fusion of flavors in her dish.
17. His canny sense of humor always lightened the mood.
18. A canny traveler plans their itinerary meticulously.
19. The canny inventor revolutionized the tech industry.
20. Her canny financial advice saved many from debt.
21. The canny explorer navigated treacherous terrain with skill.
22. A canny decision-maker weighs all options before choosing.
23. The canny consultant offered valuable insights to the company.
24. He's a canny gambler who knows when to fold.
25. The canny artist's work was celebrated for its innovative style.



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