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How to pronounce piece-de-resistance (audio)


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Dictionary definition of piece-de-resistance

French for "piece of resistance", referring to the most important or impressive feature of something.
"The designer's pièce de résistance was the stunning wedding gown."

Detailed meaning of piece-de-resistance

It is often used to describe a culinary dish or an artistic creation that is the centerpiece of an event or display. The term is commonly used to describe something that is considered to be the highlight or main attraction of a larger collection or presentation.

Example sentences containing piece-de-resistance

1. The chef's piece-de-resistance was a mouthwatering, multi-layered chocolate cake.
2. The grand finale of the fashion show was the designer's exquisite piece-de-resistance—a stunning evening gown.
3. The artist's piece-de-resistance was a breathtaking mural that adorned the entire gallery wall.
4. The architect's piece-de-resistance was a magnificent skyscraper that became an iconic landmark.
5. The musician's piece-de-resistance was a symphony that moved the audience to tears.
6. The baker's piece-de-resistance was a delicate, intricately decorated wedding cake.

History and etymology of piece-de-resistance

The noun 'pièce de résistance' is a French phrase that translates to 'piece of resistance' in English. It originated in the realm of cuisine, where it referred to the standout or centerpiece dish of a meal, often the most delectable or impressive course. The term 'pièce de résistance' has since transitioned into broader usage and is employed to describe the most important or remarkable feature of anything, not just in the context of food. It suggests the pinnacle or highlight of a particular presentation, event, or creation, emphasizing its significance and excellence. The phrase adds a touch of French elegance and sophistication when highlighting a standout element, making it a popular choice to designate the most noteworthy aspect of something special or exceptional.

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Further usage examples of piece-de-resistance

1. The playwright's piece-de-resistance was a thought-provoking play that received critical acclaim.
2. The jeweler's piece-de-resistance was a dazzling diamond necklace that sparkled from every angle.
3. The filmmaker's piece-de-resistance was an epic masterpiece that garnered numerous awards.
4. The sculptor's piece-de-resistance was a lifelike sculpture that captured the human form with astonishing precision.
5. The designer's piece-de-resistance was a stunning couture gown that stole the show.
6. The chef's piece-de-resistance was a gastronomic delight—a perfectly seared filet mignon with truffle sauce.
7. The artist's piece-de-resistance was a breathtaking landscape painting that transported viewers to another world.
8. The architect's piece-de-resistance was a magnificent cathedral that showcased intricate craftsmanship.
9. The composer's piece-de-resistance was a symphony that combined classical and modern elements in a harmonious blend.
10. The fashion designer's piece-de-resistance was a showstopping wedding dress adorned with intricate lace and beading.
11. The painter's piece-de-resistance was a masterpiece that demonstrated impeccable technique and depth of emotion.
12. The chef's piece-de-resistance was a culinary creation that married unexpected flavors in perfect harmony.
13. The photographer's piece-de-resistance was a captivating portrait that captured the subject's essence.
14. The architect's piece-de-resistance was a sustainable, eco-friendly building that seamlessly blended with its natural surroundings.



masterpiece, failure, flop, disappointment


Suffix -ance, Pinnacle and Perfection, Achievement and Excellence, Performance and Display, Art and Creativity

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