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How to pronounce plummet (audio)

Dictionary definition of plummet

To fall or drop rapidly and suddenly, usually from a great height.
"The stock prices plummet unexpectedly, causing panic among investors."

Detailed meaning of plummet

This term is often used to describe objects, such as a rock or a bird, that fall rapidly and straight down due to gravity or other forces. It can also be used figuratively to describe a sudden decline in value or quality. For example, a company's stock price might plummet after a negative earnings report, or an athlete's performance might plummet after a serious injury. The word "plummet" typically implies a swift and severe drop, and can also convey a sense of danger or fear.

Example sentences containing plummet

1. The elevator malfunctioned, causing it to plummet several floors.
2. The bungee jumper let out a scream as she began to plummet towards the water.
3. The airplane hit turbulence, causing it to momentarily plummet in altitude.
4. The skier lost control and started to plummet down the steep slope.
5. The brave firefighter rescued the trapped victim moments before the building started to plummet.
6. The balloon deflated rapidly, causing it to plummet to the ground.

History and etymology of plummet

The verb 'plummet' has its etymology rooted in Old English and Old French. It is believed to be derived from the Old French word 'plommet,' which means 'a small lead weight' or 'a plumb bob.' This Old French term, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'plumbum,' which means 'lead.' In the context of 'plummet,' 'plumbum' referred to a weight attached to a line used by builders and masons to measure verticality. Over time, the term 'plummet' evolved to describe the rapid and straight-down fall or drop of an object, person, or value, typically from a great height, much like the behavior of a plumb bob. The etymology of 'plummet' reflects its historical connection to the use of weights and lines for measuring vertical alignment, emphasizing the idea of a swift and straight descent.

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Further usage examples of plummet

1. The car's brakes failed, causing it to plummet down the hill.
2. The economy suffered a major setback, causing consumer confidence to plummet.
3. The meteorologist warned of temperatures that could plummet below freezing.
4. The roller coaster suddenly dropped, causing passengers' stomachs to plummet.
5. The climber's grip slipped, and he began to plummet towards the bottom of the cliff.
6. The rope snapped, causing the mountaineer to plummet into the crevasse.
7. The value of the cryptocurrency started to plummet, leading to widespread selling.
8. The spaceship's thrusters malfunctioned, causing it to plummet towards the planet's surface.
9. Stock prices can plummet unexpectedly in turbulent markets.
10. Temperatures can plummet drastically during winter storms.
11. Consumer demand caused prices to plummet during the sale.
12. Confidence can plummet following a significant setback.
13. The eagle suddenly plummeted to capture its prey.
14. When air pressure drops, aircraft can rapidly plummet.
15. The cascading waterfall makes water plummet below.
16. His grades began to plummet, causing concern.
17. The brave skydiver chose to plummet from the sky.
18. Interest rates may plummet during an economic downturn.
19. Emotions can plummet after a painful breakup.
20. The malfunctioning elevator started to plummet rapidly.
21. Cliff divers fearlessly plummet into the crystal-clear water.
22. Fear made her heart plummet in her chest.
23. During freefall, skydivers experience a thrilling plummet.
24. The old building's value began to plummet due to neglect.
25. When trust is betrayed, relationships can plummet.
26. The athlete felt a rush as he prepared to plummet.
27. In a financial crisis, stocks can plummet overnight.
28. The rocket was designed to plummet safely back to Earth.
29. Home prices started to plummet in the housing market crash.
30. A sudden gust of wind caused the kite to plummet.
31. Confidence can plummet if goals aren't achieved.
32. The acrobat's daring act involved a rapid plummet.
33. As the storm intensified, visibility began to plummet.



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