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maintain, destroy, spoil, neglect


Prefix pre-, ACT 3 (American College Testing), Conservation and Protection, High School 4



How to pronounce preserve (audio)


Dictionary definition of preserve

To protect, maintain, or conserve something in its original or desired state.
"The organization works tirelessly to preserve historical landmarks and buildings."

Detailed meaning of preserve

It involves taking deliberate actions to prevent decay, loss, or damage to an object, idea, tradition, or natural resource. Preservation often entails safeguarding the integrity, quality, or value of something over time. It can involve various methods such as storing, sealing, freezing, or treating items with preservatives to inhibit deterioration. Additionally, preserving can involve efforts to uphold traditions, cultural heritage, or historical artifacts, ensuring they remain intact and accessible for future generations. It can also refer to the act of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources for sustainable use. Overall, the verb "preserve" denotes the intentional act of protecting and maintaining the original state, value, or significance of something for present and future appreciation.

Example sentences containing preserve

1. We need to preserve these ancient manuscripts to ensure their survival for future generations.
2. She carefully preserved the family heirlooms in a climate-controlled storage unit.
3. The chef used canning techniques to preserve the homemade jam.
4. The museum takes great care to preserve and restore valuable artwork.
5. It is important to preserve our natural habitats to protect endangered species.
6. He preserved his memories by meticulously documenting them in a journal.

History and etymology of preserve

The verb 'preserve' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'praeservare,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'servare,' meaning 'to keep' or 'to guard.' In Latin, 'praeservare' signified the act of keeping something safe and unspoiled before it could deteriorate or be harmed. As this term passed into Old French as 'preserver,' and then into Middle English, it retained its core meaning of protecting, maintaining, or conserving something in its original or desired state. The etymology of 'preserve' underscores its role in safeguarding and maintaining the integrity and quality of something, emphasizing its importance in efforts to prevent decay, damage, or loss over time.

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Further usage examples of preserve

1. The archaeologists excavated the site to preserve the artifacts buried beneath.
2. We must preserve the integrity of the ecosystem by practicing sustainable farming methods.
3. The librarian employed acid-free paper and archival boxes to preserve delicate books.
4. The artist used a clear coat to preserve the vibrant colors of the painting.
5. The national park has strict rules in place to preserve the natural beauty of the area.
6. We must preserve our natural resources for future generations.
7. Efforts to preserve the rainforest are critical for biodiversity.
8. It's essential to preserve historical sites for cultural heritage.
9. Conservationists work tirelessly to preserve endangered species.
10. Proper packaging helps preserve the freshness of food.
11. The artist's goal is to preserve the beauty of nature in their paintings.
12. We should preserve the tranquility of this peaceful place.
13. Traditional recipes help preserve cultural culinary traditions.
14. Education can help preserve traditional craftsmanship.
15. Communities strive to preserve their unique identities.
16. Preservationists aim to preserve architectural marvels.
17. Careful handling is necessary to preserve fragile artifacts.
18. We must preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem.
19. Efforts to preserve clean air and water are crucial.
20. It's important to preserve the historical accuracy of documents.
21. Ancient texts require special care to preserve their integrity.
22. Preservation of old photographs ensures they last for generations.
23. Conservation efforts help preserve the natural beauty of parks.
24. The museum's goal is to preserve the rich history of the region.
25. Science plays a role in preserving historical manuscripts.

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