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How to pronounce presupposition (audio)


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Dictionary definition of presupposition

An implicit assumption or belief that underlies a statement, argument, or conversation.
"The conversation was built on the presupposition that both parties were familiar with the topic."

Detailed meaning of presupposition

It is a cognitive process that operates at an unconscious level and shapes our understanding of the world. In other words, presuppositions are the underlying ideas or assumptions that we take for granted when we communicate. They are not explicitly stated, but rather implied, and they help us make sense of the information we receive. For example, the statement "I am glad you came to the party" presupposes that the person being addressed actually came to the party, and that there is a party that took place. Understanding presuppositions is important for effective communication because it allows us to decode the implicit meanings of statements and helps us avoid misunderstandings.

Example sentences containing presupposition

1. The presupposition of trust is crucial in a healthy relationship.
2. His argument was built on the presupposition of limited resources.
3. Miscommunication can arise when presuppositions are not clarified.
4. The success of the plan hinged on a specific presupposition.
5. Clarifying presuppositions can lead to more productive discussions.
6. The presupposition that everyone has equal opportunities is debated.

History and etymology of presupposition

The noun 'presupposition' traces its origins to Latin and Greek roots. The word can be dissected into two components: 'pre,' which comes from the Latin word 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'supposition,' derived from the Latin 'supponere,' which means 'to place beneath' or 'to assume.' Furthermore, 'supponere' can be broken down into 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'ponere,' which means 'to put' or 'to place.' Hence, the etymology of 'presupposition' reveals its fundamental meaning as something 'placed beneath' or 'assumed before' in the context of a statement, argument, or conversation, signifying an underlying belief or assumption.

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Further usage examples of presupposition

1. The presupposition of honesty is vital in legal proceedings.
2. Challenging presuppositions can lead to fresh insights.
3. Cultural presuppositions can lead to misunderstandings.
4. The presupposition of privacy is enshrined in laws.
5. Recognizing presuppositions can lead to better problem-solving.
6. The presupposition of good intentions can ease tensions.
7. The presupposition of innocence is fundamental in the justice system.
8. Misunderstandings often stem from differing presuppositions.
9. Challenging societal presuppositions can drive progress.
10. The presupposition of reliability is essential in business.
11. The presupposition of competence guides hiring decisions.
12. Cross-cultural communication requires awareness of presuppositions.
13. The presupposition of cooperation can lead to collaboration.
14. Identifying presuppositions can lead to more effective communication.
15. The argument was based on the presupposition that all humans are equal.
16. Her statement carried the presupposition that everyone had been informed of the changes.
17. The theory relies on the presupposition that the universe is infinite.
18. His research was hindered by the presupposition that the disease was caused by bacteria.
19. The debate was based on the presupposition that the death penalty is an effective deterrent.
20. Her analysis was flawed by the presupposition that the data was reliable.
21. The argument was built on the presupposition that technology is inherently good.
22. The hypothesis rested on the presupposition that the brain is a computer.
23. Her theory was undermined by the presupposition that all cultures are the same.
24. The study was conducted under the presupposition that intelligence is determined by genetics.



assumption, disproof, refutation, denial


Prefix pre-, SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Acumen and Insight, Prejudice and Bias

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