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How to pronounce prognosis (audio)


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Dictionary definition of prognosis

A prediction or forecast of the likely outcome of a situation, especially with respect to a medical condition or illness.
"The doctor's prognosis for his recovery was quite optimistic."


Detailed meaning of prognosis

It is a medical term used to describe the predicted outcome of a patient's health, including the likelihood of recovery or the length of time it is expected to take for recovery. A prognosis can be based on a variety of factors, including the patient's age, overall health, the severity of their illness, and the presence of any underlying health conditions. The prognosis for a particular medical condition can range from good to poor, and it can help healthcare providers develop a treatment plan and inform patients and their families about what to expect in the future. Prognosis can also refer to the predicted future course of an event or situation outside of the medical field, such as the future of a business or a political situation.

Example sentences containing prognosis

1. The doctor's positive prognosis brought hope to the patient's family.
2. A gloomy prognosis can be challenging for both patients and doctors.
3. Early detection often leads to a more favorable prognosis in cancer cases.
4. The long-term prognosis for the economy remains uncertain.
5. The medical team is still evaluating the patient's prognosis.
6. Despite the grim prognosis, he remained optimistic about recovery.

History and etymology of prognosis

The noun 'prognosis' has its roots in ancient Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'prognosis,' which consists of two parts: 'pro,' meaning 'before,' and 'gnosis,' meaning 'knowledge' or 'understanding.' In its original Greek form, 'prognosis' referred to having knowledge or understanding beforehand, especially in the context of predicting the course or likely outcome of a medical condition. Ancient physicians would use their expertise to make informed predictions about the future health of a patient based on their observations and knowledge. As the term made its way into the English language, 'prognosis' retained this sense of forecasting or predicting the likely outcome of a situation, particularly concerning medical conditions, while its etymology underscores the importance of having prior knowledge in making such predictions.

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Further usage examples of prognosis

1. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for an accurate prognosis.
2. Her improved prognosis allowed her to plan for the future.
3. The doctor explained the prognosis with empathy and clarity.
4. Advances in medicine have improved the prognosis for many diseases.
5. A positive attitude can sometimes influence a patient's prognosis.
6. Her prognosis after the surgery remains uncertain.
7. The medical prognosis indicated a high chance of complete recovery.
8. His prognosis is excellent, thanks to the early detection of the disease.
9. The prognosis for the endangered species is looking bleak.
10. According to the prognosis, the patient has six months to live.
11. The weather prognosis predicts heavy rainfall over the next few days.
12. The prognosis for her career in acting is very promising.
13. Given the late stage of the disease, the prognosis was grim.
14. Based on the test results, the prognosis for recovery is excellent.
15. The prognosis for the economy this year is positive, with expected growth in all sectors.
16. I'm waiting anxiously for the doctor to deliver the prognosis.
17. The prognosis of the disease greatly depends on early diagnosis.
18. Despite the challenging diagnosis, the prognosis remains hopeful.
19. The prognosis for patients with this condition has greatly improved over the last decade.
20. She refused to accept the bleak prognosis and decided to fight the disease.
21. After the earthquake, the prognosis for the city's infrastructure was dire.
22. The financial prognosis for the startup looks promising after a successful funding round.
23. He is in high spirits despite the unfavorable prognosis.
24. The prognosis for this agricultural season is poor due to the lack of rainfall.



forecast, hindsight, afterthought, ignorance


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