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How to pronounce protrusion (audio)

Dictionary definition of protrusion

An outward or projecting part, object, or formation that extends beyond its surrounding surface or environment.
"The rock's protrusion created a perfect seat to view the valley below."

Detailed meaning of protrusion

It is characterized by its prominent or noticeable presence, jutting out from a larger structure or appearing as a distinct entity on its own. Protrusions can be found in various contexts, ranging from natural formations in the landscape, such as rock formations or cliffs, to anatomical features in living organisms, like bones or horns. They can also be man-made, such as architectural elements like balconies or bay windows that extend beyond the main structure of a building. The term "protrusion" captures the essence of something standing out, physically or metaphorically, drawing attention and often serving a functional or aesthetic purpose.

Example sentences containing protrusion

1. The protrusion on the wall turned out to be an ancient artifact embedded in the plaster.
2. She hit her head on the sharp protrusion of the metal shelf.
3. The doctor noted a small protrusion in the patient's abdomen and ordered further tests.
4. Make sure that there is no protrusion sticking out of your backpack, as it can get caught on something.
5. The protrusion on the tree trunk resembled a face, which frightened the children.
6. The architect's design included a modernistic protrusion to add interest to the building's facade.

History and etymology of protrusion

The noun 'protrusion' originates from the Latin word 'protrudere,' which combines 'pro,' meaning 'forward' or 'forth,' and 'trudere,' meaning 'to thrust' or 'to push.' This etymology encapsulates the essence of a protrusion as an outward or projecting part that thrusts or extends beyond its surrounding surface or environment. It implies a forceful or prominent extension, as if something is pushing its way forward. Whether it's a physical object or a formation in nature, the term 'protrusion' conveys the notion of something jutting out or projecting conspicuously from its surroundings, reflecting its Latin roots in the act of pushing or thrusting forward.

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Further usage examples of protrusion

1. The x-ray revealed a tiny bone protrusion which was causing discomfort.
2. When installing shelves, ensure they are aligned correctly so there is no protrusion on either end.
3. The scuba diver was amazed to find a colorful coral protrusion on the otherwise barren seabed.
4. The dog has a unique protrusion on its back that makes it easily identifiable.
5. The map indicated that the protrusion in the coastline was the best spot for fishing.
6. His new glasses had a peculiar protrusion on the side, designed to enhance peripheral vision.
7. During the hike, we used the large protrusion of rocks as a landmark to find our way back to the camp.
8. The tiny protrusion on the leaf was actually an insect camouflaging itself.
9. The tree's root protrusion made the sidewalk uneven.
10. I noticed a strange protrusion on the mountain's peak.
11. The car's hood had a noticeable dent and protrusion.
12. The architectural design featured a striking glass protrusion.
13. The surgeon removed the bone protrusion during the procedure.
14. A small protrusion in the wall revealed a hidden compartment.
15. The rocky trail had many uneven protrusions to navigate.
16. The lizard's coloration helped it blend into the rock protrusion.
17. We found a mysterious metal protrusion buried in the sand.
18. The map indicated a dangerous rock protrusion in the river.
19. The cliff had a perilous protrusion that challenged climbers.
20. A sharp metal protrusion posed a safety hazard in the playground.
21. The cave entrance was hidden behind a massive rock protrusion.
22. The tree's gnarled roots created a beautiful natural protrusion.
23. A sudden protrusion on the road caused a jolt in the car's ride.



bulge, indentation, recess, concavity


Suffix -sion, SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Development and Growth, Shape and Form

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