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How to pronounce prude (audio)

Dictionary definition of prude

A person who is overly concerned with modesty, particularly in regards to sexuality or nudity.
"He's a bit of a prude when it comes to public displays of affection."

Detailed meaning of prude

A prude is someone who is easily offended by or avoids discussions or activities that they consider to be vulgar, indecent, or offensive. The term prude is often used in a negative or judgmental way to describe someone who is seen as being excessively uptight or conservative in their attitudes towards sex and other related topics. However, some people may embrace the label of prude and see it as a positive thing, indicating that they are careful and selective about how they express themselves sexually or how they engage with others. The term prude is derived from the French word "prude," which means "prudish" or "timid." Overall, prude is a term used to describe someone who is overly concerned with modesty, particularly in regards to sexuality, and can carry both positive and negative connotations depending on the context.

Example sentences containing prude

1. She's often seen as a prude due to her conservative views on relationships.
2. Don't be a prude; it's natural to appreciate beauty in all its forms.
3. He's a bit of a prude when it comes to discussing intimate topics.
4. Some consider her a prude because she avoids risqué conversations.
5. His prude attitude about nudity clashed with the artistic community.
6. Being labeled a prude didn't deter her from embracing her values.

History and etymology of prude

The noun 'prude' has its etymological origins in French. It is believed to come from the French word 'prude' or 'prud'homme,' which referred to a person, typically a man, who was considered virtuous, modest, and upright in their behavior. In the 17th century, the term began to be used in English to describe individuals, especially women, who were excessively concerned with modesty, particularly in matters related to sexuality or nudity. It took on a somewhat derogatory connotation, implying that such individuals were overly strict or overly concerned with moral modesty. The etymology of 'prude' effectively captures its historical association with modesty and virtue but also highlights its transformation into a term used to criticize or mock those perceived as excessively prudish or uptight in matters of sexual or social propriety.

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Further usage examples of prude

1. The prude in the group blushed at the slightest mention of romance.
2. Don't be such a prude; it's just a harmless joke.
3. She's often misunderstood as a prude because of her reserved nature.
4. Being a prude isn't a bad thing; it's about personal boundaries.
5. He's a prude when it comes to public displays of affection.
6. The prude in the office always covers up her computer screen.
7. Don't act like a prude; we're all adults here.
8. Her prude tendencies made her shy away from spicy foods.
9. They accused him of being a prude because he declined the invitation.
10. She's considered a prude by her more liberal friends.
11. Being called a prude never bothered him; he stayed true to himself.
12. Some might see her as a prude, but she's comfortable with her choices.
13. He's been labeled a prude for his reluctance to attend wild parties.
14. The prude in the group cringed at the explicit lyrics of the song.
15. Some people consider her a prude because she never talks about her personal life.
16. The film was criticized by some for being too prudish in its portrayal of sexuality.
17. She's such a prude that she won't even wear a swimsuit in public.
18. He's always been a prude about using curse words in conversation.
19. The prude in the group always makes everyone feel uncomfortable when someone tells an off-color joke.
20. She was accused of being a prude for insisting on conservative dress codes in the workplace.
21. He's too much of a prude to try anything new or adventurous in the bedroom.
22. The book was banned for being too prudish and not reflecting modern values.
23. She's not a prude, she just prefers to keep certain aspects of her life private.
24. The prude in the office always complains about the language used in emails and meetings.
25. Some people may see her as a prude, but she's comfortable with her own values and boundaries.



puritan, libertine, hedonist, debauchee


Character Traits and Behavior, Choices and Decisions, Control and Discipline, Morality and Influence

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