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lewd, pure, chaste, modest


GRE 5 (Graduate Record Examination), Attraction and Allure, Seduction and Allure, Enjoyment and Indulgence, Love and Sex



How to pronounce prurient (audio)


Dictionary definition of prurient

Characterized by an excessive or unhealthy interest in sexual matters.
"The prurient content of the movie was deemed too explicit for general audiences."

Detailed meaning of prurient

When a person is described as prurient, it means that they have a strong desire or curiosity about sexual subjects, often in a way that is considered inappropriate or offensive. When a thing is described as prurient, it means that it is intended to arouse or stimulate sexual desire or interest. The term is often used in legal or moral contexts to describe material that is deemed obscene or pornographic. The word "prurient" connotes a sense of moral disapproval or condemnation, and it is often used in a negative or critical way.

Example sentences containing prurient

1. His prurient curiosity led him to explore explicit content online.
2. The film's prurient scenes were controversial but attracted viewers.
3. She dismissed his prurient advances with a stern rebuke.
4. The tabloid's prurient headlines sensationalized celebrity scandals.
5. His prurient remarks made everyone uncomfortable at the party.
6. The novel's prurient themes pushed the boundaries of decency.

History and etymology of prurient

The adjective 'prurient' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'prurire,' which means 'to itch.' Over time, in both Latin and English, this term took on a metaphorical sense related to sexual desire or an intense interest in sexual matters. The etymology of 'prurient' reflects the idea that itchy or intense desires, particularly of a sexual nature, can lead to an excessive or unhealthy preoccupation with sexual matters. Thus, 'prurient' describes a state characterized by an overbearing and often inappropriate interest in sexual topics or content, emphasizing the strong and sometimes troublesome nature of such desires.

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Further usage examples of prurient

1. The magazine's prurient articles catered to a niche audience.
2. The comedian's prurient humor bordered on inappropriate.
3. The art exhibit featured prurient sculptures that sparked debate.
4. He was known for his prurient jokes, often crossing the line.
5. The talk show host's prurient discussions drew high ratings.
6. The movie's prurient content earned it an adult rating.
7. His prurient fantasies were best kept private.
8. The internet is filled with prurient material easily accessible to anyone.
9. The book delved into the prurient world of secret affairs.
10. She found his prurient fascination with explicit literature distasteful.
11. The journalist's prurient article was criticized for its lack of ethics.
12. His prurient obsession with adult content became problematic.
13. The scandalous photos had a prurient appeal for some viewers.
14. The prurient nature of the conversation made her uncomfortable.
15. The politician's prurient behavior was exposed by the media.
16. The book was banned for its prurient content and graphic descriptions.
17. The comedian's prurient jokes offended many members of the audience.
18. The magazine's prurient articles were criticized for being shallow and sensationalistic.
19. The prurient nature of the advertisement was deemed inappropriate for children.
20. The film director was accused of pandering to prurient interests with his latest work.
21. The artist's prurient sculptures were considered controversial and provocative.
22. The website was shut down for featuring prurient images and videos.
23. The author's prurient fantasies were seen as disturbing and unsettling by some readers.
24. The talk show host was criticized for asking prurient questions during interviews.
25. The teacher's prurient comments towards students led to disciplinary action.

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