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How to pronounce puncture (audio)

Dictionary definition of puncture

A small hole, wound, or perforation in a surface, usually caused by a sharp object.
"The cyclist always carries a puncture repair kit in case of emergencies on the road."

Detailed meaning of puncture

It can describe a variety of instances where an object or force penetrates or pierces through a material, such as a tire, skin, or packaging. A puncture is typically characterized by its small size and narrow opening, often resulting in the leakage of fluids or the disruption of the affected object's functionality. Punctures can occur accidentally, as a result of an external force or object, or intentionally, such as in medical procedures like injections. They can cause pain, discomfort, or damage, depending on the location and severity of the puncture. Common examples of punctures include needle pricks, nail or screw penetrations, and punctured tires. When a puncture occurs, it often requires attention and, if necessary, treatment to prevent further complications and promote healing. Overall, the noun "puncture" refers to a small hole or wound caused by the penetration of a sharp object, leading to localized damage or injury.

Example sentences containing puncture

1. She experienced a puncture in her bicycle tire while riding.
2. The nurse administered the vaccine with a quick puncture of the needle.
3. The hiker needed immediate medical attention after suffering a puncture wound from a thorn.
4. He had to repair the puncture in his car tire before continuing the journey.
5. The doctor used a sterile needle to perform a spinal puncture.
6. The air mattress deflated due to a small puncture in its surface.

History and etymology of puncture

The noun 'puncture' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'punctura,' which is derived from 'pungere,' meaning 'to prick' or 'to pierce.' 'Pungere' itself can be traced back to the Proto-Indo-European root 'peuk,' which means 'to prick' or 'to pierce.' Thus, the term 'puncture' refers to a small hole, wound, or perforation in a surface, typically caused by the action of a sharp object piercing through. This etymology underscores the fundamental concept of the term, emphasizing the idea of a point or sharp implement penetrating a material, resulting in a break or opening in that surface.

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Further usage examples of puncture

1. The climber had to be rescued after sustaining a deep puncture in his leg during the ascent.
2. She carefully removed the splinter using a sterilized puncture tool.
3. The chef accidentally cut her finger, resulting in a deep puncture wound.
4. The repairman fixed the puncture in the plumbing pipe, preventing a water leak.
5. The firefighter wore puncture-resistant gloves to protect against sharp objects during rescue operations.
6. A puncture in the tire left us stranded on the highway.
7. She suffered a painful puncture from a thorn in her foot.
8. The bike tire had a slow puncture, losing air gradually.
9. A puncture in the pipeline caused a major water leak.
10. The doctor treated the deep puncture wound with care.
11. A nail caused a puncture in the bottom of the shoe.
12. A tiny puncture in the balloon led to its deflation.
13. He needed stitches for the puncture on his hand.
14. A puncture in the soccer ball affected its performance.
15. Puncture wounds can become infected if not treated.
16. The needle's puncture was nearly painless.
17. A sudden puncture in the inflatable raft startled us.
18. The mechanic fixed the tire puncture in no time.
19. A small puncture in the swimming pool liner required repair.
20. The snake's fangs left a venomous puncture on the leg.
21. We patched the roof to prevent water punctures.
22. A puncture in the packaging compromised the contents.
23. Puncture wounds should be cleaned to prevent infection.
24. The doctor assessed the severity of the puncture injury.
25. A simple puncture can cause unexpected trouble.



hole, seal, closure, block


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