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How to pronounce quaint (audio)


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Dictionary definition of quaint

Possessing a charming or old-fashioned quality, often in a small or picturesque way.
"The quaint little bookstore on the corner had shelves filled with dusty, old volumes."


Detailed meaning of quaint

It refers to something that is attractively unconventional or pleasantly peculiar, typically associated with a sense of nostalgia. A quaint object, place, or idea evokes a sense of simplicity, modesty, and a bygone era. It may suggest a unique or whimsical charm that stands out from the ordinary. The term is often used to describe small towns with narrow, winding streets, quaint cottages with thatched roofs, or antique shops filled with vintage treasures. The adjective "quaint" captures a certain endearing quality that appeals to our appreciation for the quaintness and idiosyncrasies of the past, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere that is both familiar and captivating.

Example sentences containing quaint

1. We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast nestled in the heart of the countryside.
2. The village had a charming, quaint church with a tall, weathered steeple.
3. As I walked through the narrow, cobblestone streets, I admired the quaint architecture of the historic buildings.
4. The tea shop had a quaint atmosphere, complete with delicate china cups and vintage decor.
5. We stumbled upon a quaint, hidden garden with colorful flowers and a bubbling fountain.
6. The town's main square was adorned with a quaint, rustic gazebo.

History and etymology of quaint

The adjective 'quaint' has a fascinating etymology rooted in Old French. It can be traced back to the word 'cointe,' which meant clever or skillful. In the 13th century, this term evolved into 'quainte' in Middle English, where it took on the additional connotations of elegance and cunning. Over time, the sense of cleverness and elegance gradually transformed into the modern meaning we associate with 'quaint' today, referring to something possessing a charming or old-fashioned quality, often in a small or picturesque way. This journey through language history reflects the evolution of our perceptions of beauty and charm in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of quaint

1. In the quaint coastal town, we enjoyed fresh seafood at a cozy, waterfront restaurant.
2. The quaint little cottage had a thatched roof and a cozy fireplace.
3. I found a quaint little café that served homemade pastries and freshly brewed coffee.
4. The village's annual fair showcased quaint traditions, including a lively Maypole dance.
5. The artist captured the quaint beauty of the countryside in his detailed paintings.
6. The quaint antique shop was filled with treasures from a bygone era.
7. The bed and breakfast had a quaint, floral-themed dining room where we enjoyed a delicious homemade breakfast.
8. Exploring the quaint, winding alleys of the old town felt like stepping back in time.
9. The quaint little cottage sat nestled in the forest.
10. The village had a quaint charm that enchanted tourists.
11. The shop's quaint decor evoked a sense of nostalgia.
12. We stayed in a quaint inn by the seaside.
13. The town's quaint streets were lined with historic buildings.
14. Her quaint fashion sense was a blend of vintage and modern.
15. The old bookstore had a quaint, musty smell.
16. The quaint teahouse was a hidden gem in the city.
17. The quaint village square hosted a lively farmers' market.
18. The cafe's quaint atmosphere made it a local favorite.
19. The quaint church bells rang on Sunday mornings.
20. The antique shop was filled with quaint treasures.
21. The quaint fishing village had colorful, weathered houses.
22. Their quaint traditions were passed down for generations.
23. The quaint carriage ride offered a glimpse of the past.
24. The quaint pottery studio offered unique handmade pieces.
25. The quaint bed-and-breakfast exuded warmth and comfort.
26. The quaint seaside town was a perfect summer destination.



charming, modern, contemporary, commonplace


GRE 9 (Graduate Record Examination), Charm and Charisma, Aesthetic and Appearance

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