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How to pronounce rambunctious (audio)

Dictionary definition of rambunctious

Lively, energetic, and difficult to control or manage.
"The rambunctious atmosphere at the carnival was exhilarating."

Detailed meaning of rambunctious

It is often used to describe children or animals that are wild, boisterous, and full of energy. A rambunctious child might be one who is always running around and getting into mischief, while a rambunctious dog might be one that is always barking and jumping. The term can also be used to describe a person or group of people who are unruly, rowdy, or hard to control. In a more general sense, something that is rambunctious is characterized by a lack of restraint or discipline, and a tendency to be wild and energetic. It can also be used to describe a place or event that is lively, noisy, and full of excitement.

Example sentences containing rambunctious

1. The rambunctious children were running around the playground.
2. The party was filled with rambunctious laughter and music.
3. It was hard to calm down the rambunctious puppy.
4. The rambunctious crowd was cheering for their team.
5. The rambunctious energy of the festival was contagious.
6. The rambunctious wind blew leaves all over the yard.

History and etymology of rambunctious

The term 'rambunctious' finds its etymological roots in the dialectal word 'rumbustious,' which emerged in the United States during the 19th century. While the exact origin is somewhat uncertain, it is believed to be an alteration or combination of various words, possibly influenced by 'rumbustious,' 'boisterous,' and 'robust.' The transformation of 'rumbustious' into 'rambunctious' reflects the dynamic nature of language evolution, as words often adapt and change over time. Today, 'rambunctious' is used to describe things or people characterized by spirited and unruly behavior, capturing the essence of liveliness and exuberance.

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Further usage examples of rambunctious

1. Despite their rambunctious behavior, they were well-meaning.
2. The rambunctious game of tag was causing a lot of excitement.
3. The rambunctious waves crashed against the shore.
4. The classroom was rambunctious after the exciting announcement.
5. Their rambunctious antics could brighten anyone's day.
6. The rambunctious kitten played with boundless energy.
7. The rambunctious dance floor was full of people having fun.
8. The rambunctious discussion covered a wide range of topics.
9. The rambunctious concert had everyone dancing and singing.
10. The rambunctious debate in the courtroom was intense.
11. The rambunctious street fair had something for everyone.
12. The rambunctious parade brought the community together.
13. Despite their rambunctious nature, the puppies were adorable.
14. The party was rambunctious and wild.
15. The puppy was rambunctious and full of energy.
16. The crowd was rambunctious and rowdy.
17. The meeting was rambunctious as tempers flared.
18. The performance was rambunctious and energetic.
19. The group of friends was rambunctious and always up for a good time.
20. The class was rambunctious and the teacher had a hard time keeping order.
21. The concert was rambunctious and the crowd was jumping and dancing.
22. The discussion was rambunctious as opinions and emotions ran high.
23. The game was rambunctious and the players were all over the field.
24. The daycare was rambunctious with kids running and playing everywhere.



boisterous, calm, quiet, subdued


SAT 11 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Vitality and Vigor, Joy and Playfulness

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