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How to pronounce reciprocal (audio)


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Dictionary definition of reciprocal

Mutual exchange or corresponding benefits or obligations between two or more parties.
"A healthy relationship involves reciprocal respect and trust."

Detailed meaning of reciprocal

In other words, it describes a situation where both sides are giving and receiving something in return. For example, a reciprocal trade agreement between two countries would involve each country reducing tariffs on each other's products in exchange for similar reductions by the other country. In personal relationships, reciprocal actions could involve sharing responsibilities or showing appreciation for each other's efforts. The concept of reciprocity is often emphasized in social psychology as a fundamental aspect of social exchange theory. Overall, the term 'reciprocal' implies a sense of balance and fairness in interactions, where each party benefits from the actions of the other.

Example sentences containing reciprocal

1. Reciprocal respect deepened their partnership, yielding impressive results.
2. Their reciprocal agreement ensured fairness in the business deal.
3. In a reciprocal bond, both parties give and receive equally.
4. The team's reciprocal efforts led to remarkable achievements.
5. They shared a reciprocal admiration for each other's talents.
6. Reciprocal love and understanding strengthened their marriage.

History and etymology of reciprocal

The adjective 'reciprocal' traces its origins to the Latin language. It is formed from the Latin word 'reciprocus,' which combines 're-' meaning 'back' or 'again' and 'pro' meaning 'for' or 'in return.' Thus, etymologically, 'reciprocal' encapsulates the notion of actions or benefits that flow back and forth, indicating a mutual exchange or correspondence between two or more parties. This etymology underscores the fundamental idea of reciprocity, where actions or obligations are mirrored and balanced, mirroring its contemporary definition of mutual exchange or corresponding benefits and obligations.

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Further usage examples of reciprocal

1. Reciprocal cooperation between nations promotes global harmony.
2. Their reciprocal trust allowed them to tackle challenges fearlessly.
3. Reciprocal kindness can create a positive ripple effect in society.
4. The success of their collaboration hinged on reciprocal dedication.
5. In diplomacy, reciprocal gestures foster international goodwill.
6. Reciprocal empathy deepens personal connections.
7. Reciprocal compromises are essential in successful negotiations.
8. Reciprocal support in times of need builds lasting bonds.
9. Their reciprocal generosity enriched the community.
10. Reciprocal respect in the workplace boosts morale.
11. Reciprocal mentorship benefits both mentor and mentee.
12. They enjoyed a reciprocal exchange of cultural experiences.
13. Reciprocal understanding enhances personal relationships.
14. Reciprocal commitments fueled their long-distance love.
15. We have a reciprocal agreement with our neighboring company to share resources.
16. Our team has a reciprocal arrangement with the marketing department to collaborate on campaigns.
17. Mutual support and encouragement are crucial for building a reciprocal friendship.
18. The two countries have a reciprocal visa-free travel arrangement.
19. Effective communication requires reciprocal listening and feedback.
20. Our partnership is built on a reciprocal commitment to achieving shared goals.
21. We have a reciprocal agreement with our suppliers to provide timely payment for their services.
22. A reciprocal gesture of kindness can go a long way in fostering positive relationships.
23. Our contract includes a reciprocal clause that allows either party to terminate the agreement under specific conditions.
24. Reciprocal trade agreements can benefit both countries by increasing exports and creating jobs.
25. Let's aim for a reciprocal conversation where we can share our thoughts and ideas.



mutual, unilateral, independent, one-sided


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