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How to pronounce righteous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of righteous

Morally upright, just, virtuous, and in alignment with a strong sense of what is morally or ethically right.
"She was known for her righteous character and unwavering commitment to justice."


Detailed meaning of righteous

When someone or something is referred to as righteous, it implies that they consistently adhere to principles of fairness, integrity, and ethical conduct. A righteous individual acts with a strong sense of justice, often striving to make the world a better place by upholding moral values and promoting what they perceive as the greater good. This term conveys a sense of moral excellence, and those described as righteous are often seen as role models or champions of noble causes.

Example sentences containing righteous

1. His righteous anger at the injustice he witnessed spurred him into action.
2. The righteous will be rewarded for their good deeds in the afterlife.
3. A righteous leader inspires trust and loyalty among their followers.
4. The righteous path is often a lonely one, but it is still worth pursuing.
5. Only those who live a righteous life will be able to enter into heaven.
6. The righteous are not immune to temptation, but they are steadfast in their resistance.

History and etymology of righteous

The adjective 'righteous' has its origins in Middle English and Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'rihtwīs,' which is a combination of 'riht,' meaning 'right,' and 'wīs,' meaning 'wise' or 'knowing.' In this context, 'riht' refers to what is morally or ethically just and in accordance with societal norms. Therefore, the etymology of 'righteous' reflects a sense of moral wisdom and alignment with what is considered right or just in a given society. This word has evolved over time to describe individuals who exhibit moral uprightness, virtue, and a strong adherence to ethical principles.

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Further usage examples of righteous

1. A righteous decision is not always the most popular one, but it is the right one.
2. A righteous judge is impartial and fair in their rulings.
3. The righteous way forward is often through forgiveness and compassion.
4. The righteous seek to do good not for personal gain, but for the benefit of all.
5. The righteous path is not always the easiest, but it is the most rewarding.
6. Her righteous actions inspired others to do good in the world.
7. The righteous pursuit of justice was their life's mission.
8. A righteous leader leads with integrity and compassion.
9. The righteous anger of the protestors fueled their cause.
10. In the face of adversity, she remained steadfastly righteous.
11. He was known for his righteous determination to help others.
12. A righteous cause can unite people from all walks of life.
13. The righteous path may be difficult, but it's worth it.
14. Her righteous indignation at injustice sparked change.
15. The righteous verdict brought closure to the victims' families.
16. A righteous society values equality and human rights.
17. His righteous principles guided him in every decision.
18. The righteous struggle for civil rights changed history.
19. The righteous stand up for what they believe in, no matter the cost.
20. In a world filled with corruption, she remained fiercely righteous.
21. The righteous triumphed over the forces of darkness.
22. A righteous heart knows the difference between right and wrong.
23. Their righteous love story was an inspiration to all who knew them.
24. The righteous fight for environmental conservation continues.
25. He found solace in his righteous faith during challenging times.



virtuous, immoral, unethical, corrupt


Excellence and Virtue, Conduct and Character, Certainty and Conviction, Options and Determinations, Fortitude and Rebellion, Decision and Discretion, Governance and Authority, Morality and Influence

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