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How to pronounce romance (audio)


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Dictionary definition of romance

A state or experience characterized by intense emotions, enchantment, and a sense of wonderment in the realm of affection and relationships.
"They enjoyed a candlelit dinner, setting the stage for a night of romance."

Detailed meaning of romance

It embodies the exhilaration and anticipation that accompanies the journey of falling in love or being deeply attracted to someone. Romance evokes a feeling of enchantment and captivation, where the mundane aspects of life are overshadowed by the presence of love. It involves a heightened emotional connection, a longing for intimacy, and a yearning for the exploration of shared experiences and deepening bonds. Romance carries with it an air of mystery, as it often involves discovering hidden aspects of oneself and the other person, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity. It is a multifaceted sentiment that inspires poetry, fuels the imagination, and holds the potential for profound connections and profound personal growth.

Example sentences containing romance

1. She enjoys reading romance novels to escape into stories of love and passion.
2. The movie was a heartwarming romance that left the audience teary-eyed.
3. They embarked on a whirlwind romance that swept them off their feet.
4. The couple's weekend getaway was filled with romance and candlelit dinners.
5. She was swept off her feet by the romance and grand gestures in the film.
6. He wrote her a heartfelt love letter filled with poetry and romance.

History and etymology of romance

The noun 'romance' carries an etymology that is steeped in a sense of intense emotions and enchantment. Its origins can be traced back to the medieval era, particularly during the Middle Ages in Europe. The term 'romance' was initially used to describe a type of literary work written in the Romance languages, such as Old French and Old Spanish. These texts often depicted tales of chivalry, heroism, and love, and they were known for evoking strong emotions and a sense of wonderment. The word 'romance' itself is derived from the Old French term 'romanz,' which meant a story or narrative written in the vernacular languages of the time, as opposed to Latin. Over time, 'romance' came to encapsulate the notion of intense emotional experiences and enchanting affairs of the heart, giving rise to the modern understanding of romance as a state characterized by affection and passionate relationships.

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Further usage examples of romance

1. They danced under the moonlight, lost in the romance of the moment.
2. The beach sunset created the perfect backdrop for their beachside romance.
3. The classic tale of Romeo and Juliet is an iconic example of tragic romance.
4. They shared a passionate kiss, sealing their love in a moment of pure romance.
5. The romance novel transported her into a world of passion and desire.
6. The romance between the characters was filled with ups and downs, keeping readers captivated.
7. Their love story was a tale of serendipity and unexpected romance.
8. The romantic comedy brought laughter and light-hearted romance to the screen.
9. Their romance blossomed under the starry night sky.
10. A classic romance novel can transport you to another world.
11. The city's charm added to the allure of their romance.
12. She yearned for a timeless romance like in the movies.
13. In the realm of romance, they were inseparable.
14. A passionate embrace ignited their fiery romance.
15. Their whirlwind romance was the stuff of legends.
16. The romance in the air was palpable that evening.
17. They shared a deep and enduring romance.
18. His gestures of love added magic to their romance.
19. Their romance faced challenges but never wavered.
20. The romance of a seaside getaway was irresistible.
21. She found solace in the pages of romance novels.
22. Their romance was a journey of discovery and growth.
23. The candlelit dinner set the stage for their romance.
24. Their romance was the envy of all their friends.
25. A handwritten love letter revived their fading romance.
26. The backdrop of Paris enhanced their whirlwind romance.
27. Their enduring romance was a testament to their love.
28. The movie captured the essence of a perfect romance.



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