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How to pronounce row (audio)


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Dictionary definition of row

A line of items, objects, or people arranged next to each other, forming a straight line or series.
"We sat in the front row of the theater, with a clear view of the stage."

Detailed meaning of row

For example, in a theater, seats are organized in rows. Secondly, "row" can denote a noisy or heated argument or dispute between individuals or groups, often involving angry or intense exchanges. Thirdly, a "row" can refer to a line of connected houses or buildings that share a common wall or are built in close proximity to each other, forming a continuous line. In this context, "row" is synonymous with "terrace" or "street." Another meaning of "row" is a line of oars in a boat or ship, with each rower responsible for a single oar. Finally, "row" can also indicate a series or sequence of consecutive events, such as a row of victories or a row of numbers. Overall, the noun "row" encompasses a range of meanings related to lines, arrangements, arguments, structures, and sequences.

Example sentences containing row

1. The students stood in a neat row for the school photo.
2. There's a long row of books on the library shelf.
3. The garden had a colorful row of blooming flowers.
4. The row of trees along the path provided shade.
5. A row of cars was parked along the city street.
6. The row of houses on the street all looked similar.

History and etymology of row

The noun 'row' has a rich etymological history that can be traced back to the Old English word 'rāw,' which meant 'a row' or 'line.' This Old English term finds its roots in the Proto-Germanic word 'raijwō,' signifying a line or a row. The concept of arranging items, objects, or people in a straight line or series has been integral to human organization and order, and this notion is reflected in the word 'row.' It is a testament to the enduring significance of linear arrangements in human culture and communication, with the term itself retaining its relevance from Old English to modern usage.

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Further usage examples of row

1. The row of skyscrapers dominated the city skyline.
2. A row of ducks swam gracefully in the pond.
3. The shelves were filled with a row of fine china.
4. The soldiers marched in a straight row on the parade ground.
5. She planted a row of vegetables in her garden.
6. The row of flags represented various countries.
7. A row of lights illuminated the runway for landing.
8. A row of empty chairs awaited the audience.
9. The row of spectators cheered for their team.
10. The row of judges evaluated the talent show performers.
11. The row of instruments in the orchestra produced beautiful music.
12. The row of houses had uniform architecture.
13. A row of lockers lined the school hallway.
14. The row of cupcakes on the dessert table looked delicious.
15. The houses in the row were all painted the same color, creating a uniform appearance.
16. The row of oars glided through the water as the team propelled the boat forward.
17. She won first place for three years in a row at the spelling bee.
18. The books were arranged neatly on the shelf in a row according to their genres.
19. The students lined up in a single file row to board the bus.
20. The row of trees provided shade along the walkway in the park.
21. The siblings were constantly bickering, engaging in one argument after another.
22. The row of shops on the street offered a variety of goods and services.
23. The team celebrated their victory with a row of high-fives and cheers.
24. The spreadsheet displayed a row of numbers representing monthly expenses.



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