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sequence, singularity, isolation, standalone


Discourse and Conveyance, Wholeness and Completion, Components and Elements, Uniformity and Consistency, Continuation and Perseverance



How to pronounce series (audio)


Dictionary definition of series

A sequence or progression of related or connected things, events, or actions.
"We attended a series of lectures on art history at the museum."

Detailed meaning of series

In this sense, a series denotes a succession or chain of elements that follow a particular order or pattern, such as a series of numbers or a series of books in a literary saga. Secondly, it can represent a set of things or objects that are similar or belong together, forming a group or collection. For instance, a series of paintings by a particular artist or a series of television episodes. Another meaning of "series" pertains to a television or radio program that presents a connected set of episodes or shows, often featuring the same characters or themes. Additionally, "series" can also refer to a set of competitions or games that follow one another, such as a sports series or a tournament. Overall, the noun "series" encompasses the ideas of sequence, grouping, connectedness, and continuity in various contexts.

Example sentences containing series

1. I enjoy watching a series of mystery novels come to life on the screen.
2. The mathematics textbook introduced a series of complex equations.
3. She owns a complete series of classic novels by Jane Austen.
4. The detective solved a series of crimes that were seemingly unrelated.
5. The team won the championship after a tough series of matches.
6. We binge-watched an entire series of a popular TV show over the weekend.

History and etymology of series

The noun 'series' traces its etymological lineage to the Latin word 'series,' which originally denoted a row, sequence, or chain of things. This Latin term, in turn, can be linked to the verb 'serere,' meaning 'to join' or 'to connect.' In ancient Rome, 'series' was employed to describe various sequences or successions, such as a series of numbers or events. As the word evolved through time and languages, it came to represent a sequence or progression of related or connected things, events, or actions in English. 'Series' has since become a fundamental term in various fields, from mathematics to literature, referring to a coherent and ordered arrangement of elements that follow one another in a logical or sequential manner.

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Further usage examples of series

1. The artist displayed a series of abstract paintings at the gallery.
2. The conference featured a series of insightful presentations by industry experts.
3. The author released a new series of fantasy novels that became instant bestsellers.
4. We participated in a series of training sessions to enhance our skills.
5. The orchestra performed a series of concerts across the country.
6. The detective unraveled the mystery in a thrilling series of events.
7. We binge-watched the entire series in just one weekend.
8. The lecture series covered a wide range of fascinating topics.
9. The artist's latest series of paintings was a triumph.
10. The series of meetings helped us plan the project effectively.
11. This book is part of a popular fantasy series.
12. The company launched a new series of innovative products.
13. The comedy series had us laughing uncontrollably.
14. She won the championship in a thrilling series of matches.
15. The documentary series explored the wonders of the natural world.
16. The serial entrepreneur has launched a series of successful businesses.
17. The series of experiments yielded groundbreaking results.
18. We're in the final stages of a series of renovations.
19. The chef showcased a series of exquisite dishes at the event.
20. The historical series delved deep into the past.
21. The concert series featured world-renowned musicians.
22. The series of novels kept readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.
23. His talk is part of a larger series on leadership.
24. The science fiction series has a dedicated fan following.
25. The car manufacturer is releasing a series of electric vehicles.

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