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How to pronounce sartorial (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sartorial

Relating to tailoring, clothing, or personal style, particularly in the context of fashion and attire.
"The sartorial elegance of the era was captured in the vintage photographs."

Detailed meaning of sartorial

When something is characterized as sartorial, it implies a connection to the art and craft of clothing design, tailoring, and dressing with attention to detail and personal expression. This term can apply to various aspects of fashion, such as sartorial choices made by individuals to create a distinctive style, sartorial trends in the fashion industry, or sartorial craftsmanship and techniques employed in the creation of clothing. "Sartorial" underscores the idea of clothing as a form of self-expression and artistry, emphasizing the importance of personal style and the influence of fashion on one's appearance and identity.

Example sentences containing sartorial

1. His sartorial choices always stood out with their impeccable style.
2. She received compliments on her sartorial elegance at the gala event.
3. The fashion designer's collection showcased a blend of classic and sartorial elements.
4. His attention to sartorial details made him a sought-after stylist.
5. The magazine featured an article on the latest sartorial trends for the season.
6. The actor's red carpet appearance was praised for his sartorial flair.

History and etymology of sartorial

The adjective 'sartorial' has its roots in the Latin word 'sartor,' which means 'a tailor.' It entered the English language in the early 19th century. 'Sartorial' pertains to tailoring, clothing, or personal style, especially within the realm of fashion and attire. This term is often used to describe matters related to dress and fashion with a sense of elegance and precision. The etymology of 'sartorial' effectively conveys the idea of clothing crafted with meticulous attention to detail, fit, and style, reflecting the expertise of a skilled tailor. Whether discussing sartorial choices, sartorial trends, or sartorial elegance, this term underscores the artistry and craftsmanship associated with clothing and personal style.

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Further usage examples of sartorial

1. The high-end boutique specializes in sartorial craftsmanship.
2. The fashion show displayed a range of sartorial creations from emerging designers.
3. His sartorial confidence was evident in his well-tailored suit.
4. The fashion critic praised the actress for her sartorial choices at the award ceremony.
5. The groom's sartorial ensemble perfectly complemented the bride's wedding dress.
6. The style icon's Instagram feed is a constant source of sartorial inspiration.
7. The magazine cover featured a sartorially striking celebrity in a daring outfit.
8. The fashion blogger shared her tips for achieving sartorial elegance on a budget.
9. The bespoke tailor was renowned for his sartorial expertise.
10. The fashion-forward city was known for its vibrant and sartorially diverse street style.
11. The fashion magazine dedicated a section to sartorial dos and don'ts.
12. The designer's collection seamlessly blended traditional and sartorial influences.
13. The fashion editor's keen eye for sartorial details made her an authority in the industry.
14. The fashionista's wardrobe was filled with sartorial treasures from around the world.



stylish, unkempt, shabby, sloppy


SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Fashion and Flamboyance, Clothing and Appearance

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