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irrational, sensible, rational, logical


Suffix -less, TOEFL 9, High School 1, Degenerate and Deplorable, Absence and Lack



How to pronounce senseless (audio)


Dictionary definition of senseless

Lacking rationality, logic, or meaning.
"The senseless act of vandalism left the community in shock."

Detailed meaning of senseless

It refers to actions, events, or behaviors that appear without purpose, coherence, or comprehension. When something is senseless, it defies common sense or sound judgment, often leaving observers perplexed or bewildered. It implies a lack of reasoning or a disregard for the consequences of one's actions. Senseless acts of violence, for example, are devoid of any justifiable motive or rationality, causing harm and suffering without any meaningful purpose. Furthermore, the term "senseless" can also describe objects or situations that lack significance or value, rendering them futile or meaningless. In essence, the adjective "senseless" highlights the absence of reason, logic, or purpose, emphasizing the irrational and incomprehensible nature of the subject at hand.

Example sentences containing senseless

1. It was a senseless decision to drive under the influence of alcohol.
2. The senseless destruction of the historic monument saddened everyone.
3. His senseless remarks during the meeting only fueled tension among the participants.
4. The senseless killing of innocent civilians sparked outrage worldwide.
5. Engaging in senseless arguments only leads to unnecessary conflict.
6. The senseless waste of food in the restaurant was disheartening.

History and etymology of senseless

The adjective 'senseless' is formed by adding the suffix '-less' to the word 'sense.' 'Sense' has its etymological roots in Latin, as discussed earlier, deriving from 'sensus,' which means 'to feel' or 'to perceive.' The suffix '-less' is used to indicate the absence of a quality or condition. Therefore, when 'sense' and '-less' are combined, 'senseless' conveys the idea of lacking rationality, logic, or meaning, often describing actions, statements, or situations that defy common sense or fail to have a coherent or meaningful explanation. The etymology of 'senseless' underscores its connection to the concept of a deficiency in sensible or rational thought or behavior, emphasizing the absence of meaning or logic.

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Further usage examples of senseless

1. The senseless act of littering damages the environment and mars the beauty of our surroundings.
2. She couldn't comprehend the senseless violence portrayed in the movie.
3. The senseless repetition of the same mistake showed a lack of learning from experience.
4. The senseless abuse of power by those in authority undermined trust in the system.
5. Engaging in senseless gossip only serves to create negativity and harm relationships.
6. The senseless act of vandalism left the community in shock.
7. Senseless violence only leads to pain and suffering.
8. His senseless decision to quit his job without a plan was unwise.
9. The argument seemed senseless, as neither side could agree.
10. Senseless bureaucracy often hinders progress in government.
11. The senseless destruction of the historic monument saddened many.
12. The senseless noise from the construction site disrupted the neighborhood.
13. She found his excuses for being late utterly senseless.
14. Senseless repetition of the same mistake is frustrating.
15. Senseless arguments can strain even the strongest relationships.
16. The senseless use of resources harms the environment.
17. His senseless spending habits left him in financial ruin.
18. The senseless loss of innocent lives in the accident was tragic.
19. Senseless hatred can divide communities and nations.
20. The senseless plot of the movie left the audience confused.
21. Senseless gossip can damage reputations and friendships.
22. The senseless rejection of their proposal was disheartening.
23. Senseless delays in the project frustrated the team.
24. Senseless risk-taking can lead to disaster in extreme sports.
25. The senseless cruelty of the crime shocked the entire city.

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