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How to pronounce slot (audio)

Dictionary definition of slot

A narrow, elongated, or rectangular hole or groove designed to accommodate or hold something in place.
"She carefully slid the book into the slot on the bookshelf."

Detailed meaning of slot

It can be a physical space or a designated position where an object or item can be inserted, fitted, or secured. Slots are commonly found in various everyday objects and systems. For example, a mail slot in a door allows for the insertion of letters or packages, while a coin slot in a vending machine accepts coins as payment. Slots are also utilized in organizational systems, such as filing cabinets with slots for different documents or time slots for scheduling appointments. In the context of technology, a slot can refer to a specific location or interface where a device or component can be inserted, like a memory card slot on a computer. Overall, the concept of a slot revolves around providing a specific space or position for the purpose of containment, arrangement, or interaction with objects or information.

Example sentences containing slot

1. Please insert your card into the slot to access the ATM.
2. I found a parking slot right in front of the restaurant.
3. The phone charger plug doesn't fit in the slot correctly.
4. She secured the book in its designated slot on the shelf.
5. The coin got stuck in the slot of the vending machine.
6. The key slid smoothly into the lock's narrow slot.

History and etymology of slot

The noun 'slot' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'esclot,' which referred to a bolt or bar used for locking a door. 'Esclot' itself had its origins in the Old High German word 'sluozza,' meaning 'a lock or latch.' The transition from meaning a lock or latch to its modern definition as a narrow, elongated hole or groove designed to accommodate or hold something in place is quite fascinating. Over time, as technology and engineering advanced, the concept of a locking mechanism evolved, and the term 'slot' began to be used to describe the corresponding opening or groove where such locking devices were placed. Today, 'slot' commonly denotes a specific type of opening, often rectangular or elongated, found in various contexts, including machinery, architecture, and even in everyday items like computer motherboards or car keys, where it serves the purpose of holding something securely in position.

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Further usage examples of slot

1. The musician adjusted the guitar's strings in their slots.
2. The puzzle piece doesn't quite fit the slot; it's too big.
3. He placed the memory card into the camera's memory slot.
4. The carpenter chiseled out a precise slot for the hinge.
5. The car's tire got caught in a deep slot on the road.
6. The supermarket cart got stuck in the shopping cart slot.
7. The aircraft's wing slats fit perfectly into their slots.
8. She reserved a time slot for her dental appointment.
9. The computer's RAM was seated securely in its slot.
10. The library card wouldn't scan properly in the slot.
11. He dropped the coin into the slot and pulled the lever.
12. The letter slipped through the mail slot in the door.
13. The student misplaced her exam paper in the wrong slot.
14. The assembly line worker placed the widget in its designated slot.
15. She inserted the coin into the slot and selected her desired snack from the vending machine.
16. I found a parking slot right in front of the building.
17. The conference schedule had a slot for each speaker's presentation.
18. The memory card was securely placed into the slot on the side of the laptop.
19. He booked a time slot for his haircut at the salon.
20. The plane ticket was conveniently stored in the slot on her passport holder.
21. The mail carrier dropped the letters through the slot in the door.
22. The teacher assigned each student a slot for their oral presentation.
23. The car had a designated slot in the parking garage.
24. The cashier handed him a receipt from the slot in the cash register.
25. He pulled the lever and watched the wheels spin in the slot machine.



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