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How to pronounce snide (audio)
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Dictionary definition of snide

Derogatory, sarcastic, or mocking in a sneaky or underhanded manner.
"He made a snide remark under his breath as he walked away."

Detailed meaning of snide

Snide remarks often carry a tone of disapproval, contempt, or criticism and are usually meant to belittle or offend someone subtly. Such comments may appear innocent or casual on the surface but contain a hidden intention to undermine or ridicule. Snide behavior is typically considered impolite and can harm interpersonal relationships, as it often leaves the recipient feeling insulted or hurt. It's important to promote open and respectful communication rather than resorting to snide remarks when addressing disagreements or differences of opinion.

Example sentences containing snide

1. Her snide remarks left a bitter taste in their mouths.
2. He couldn't resist making a snide comment about her outfit.
3. The snide tone of his email was uncalled for.
4. She shot him a snide look during the meeting.
5. His snide sense of humor often rubbed people the wrong way.
6. The snide remarks among coworkers were unprofessional.

History and etymology of snide

The adjective 'snide' likely has its origins in Scottish dialect and is believed to be related to the word 'snider,' which meant 'to sneer' or 'to mock' in a derisive manner. The exact etymology of 'snide' is not entirely clear, but it appears to have developed as a way to describe derogatory, sarcastic, or mocking remarks made in a sneaky or underhanded manner. The word itself carries connotations of slyness or deceit, emphasizing the subtle and often veiled nature of such comments. The etymology of 'snide' reflects its association with indirect and sneaky forms of criticism or mockery, capturing the essence of remarks that are meant to belittle or undermine while maintaining an appearance of innocence or humor.

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Further usage examples of snide

1. She couldn't help but offer a snide retort.
2. The snide attitude in the room was palpable.
3. The snide comments at the party dampened the mood.
4. Snide humor can be a defense mechanism.
5. The critic's snide review was divisive.
6. He tried to mask his insecurity with snide comments.
7. The snide banter between friends was all in good fun.
8. A snide sense of superiority was his downfall.
9. She responded with a snide comment of her own.
10. The snide remark went over their heads.
11. Snide remarks can undermine teamwork.
12. His snide sense of entitlement was off-putting.
13. The snide insinuations created tension in the room.
14. Snide comments have no place in civil discourse.
15. I didn't appreciate her snide comment about my outfit.
16. She always has a snide remark ready, no matter the situation.
17. His snide attitude is really starting to get on my nerves.
18. I could tell by her snide tone that she wasn't happy with me.
19. I don't like the way he looks at me with that snide expression on his face.
20. Her snide comment was intended to put me down in front of others.
21. I was taken aback by the snide tone in his voice when he spoke to me.
22. I can't stand his snide sense of humor, it's just not funny to me.
23. Her snide attitude towards her coworkers has caused tension in the workplace.
24. He made a snide comment about her intelligence, which was completely uncalled for.
25. I don't think he realizes how hurtful his snide remarks can be to those around him.

sarcastic, genuine, sincere, straightforward

Frustration and Exasperation, Behavior and Conduct, Correspondence and Understanding, Discomfort and Distress, Scorn and Censure, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Mockery and Insults




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