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How to pronounce soubriquet (audio)

Dictionary definition of soubriquet

A nickname or a descriptive term that is used to identify or refer to a person, often replacing or accompanying their given name.
"His soubriquet, "The Professor," reflected his profound knowledge and scholarly demeanor."

Detailed meaning of soubriquet

It is a title or an alias bestowed upon an individual either out of endearment, familiarity, or as a means of recognition within a specific context or community. Soubriquets can be based on physical characteristics, personality traits, accomplishments, or any distinct aspect associated with the person. They can be lighthearted and affectionate, highlighting a person's unique qualities, or they may carry a hint of mockery or irony. Soubriquets often serve as a way to establish a sense of identity or to capture the essence of an individual's character, effectively encapsulating their reputation or notable attributes in a succinct and memorable manner.

Example sentences containing soubriquet

1. She earned the soubriquet "Queen of the Dancefloor" for her mesmerizing moves.
2. The notorious gangster had a soubriquet that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.
3. The charismatic actor had a soubriquet that captured his magnetic on-screen presence.
4. The local chef, known by the soubriquet "Flavor Master," delighted diners with his culinary creations.
5. His soubriquet, "The Speed Demon," stemmed from his record-breaking achievements in the world of motorsports.
6. The brilliant mathematician was given the soubriquet "The Equation Whisperer" for her ability to solve complex problems effortlessly.

History and etymology of soubriquet

The noun 'soubriquet' has its origins in France and is derived from the Old French word 'soubriquet,' which meant 'a chuck under the chin' or 'a tap under the cheek.' This term evolved to describe a playful or affectionate nickname, often given to someone in a lighthearted or endearing manner. Over time, 'soubriquet' extended its meaning to encompass any nickname or descriptive term used to identify or refer to a person, sometimes replacing or accompanying their given name. The etymology of 'soubriquet' highlights its historical association with affectionate and whimsical nicknaming practices, adding a touch of personalization and familiarity to how we refer to individuals.

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Further usage examples of soubriquet

1. The legendary guitarist, bestowed with the soubriquet "The Guitar God," wowed audiences with his virtuosic performances.
2. The artist's vibrant paintings earned her the soubriquet "The Color Magician."
3. The comedic actor's quick wit and hilarious performances led to his soubriquet as "The Jester of Laughter."
4. The renowned author was affectionately known by her soubriquet, "The Wordsmith Extraordinaire."
5. The fearless explorer's daring expeditions granted him the soubriquet "The Adventurous Trailblazer."
6. "The Rock" became Dwayne Johnson's soubriquet in wrestling.
7. His soubriquet, "The King of Pop," defined his legacy.
8. In school, his soubriquet was "Math Genius."
9. Her soubriquet, "Red," matched her fiery personality.
10. "Scarface" was Al Capone's infamous soubriquet.
11. Shakespeare's soubriquet was "The Bard of Avon."
12. His soubriquet, "Einstein," honored his brilliance.
13. The boxer earned the soubriquet "The Hurricane."
14. "The Iron Lady" was Margaret Thatcher's soubriquet.
15. Robin Hood's soubriquet reflected his outlaw status.
16. "The Father of Modern Physics" is Einstein's soubriquet.
17. "The Queen of Soul" was Aretha Franklin's soubriquet.
18. "The Great Emancipator" is Lincoln's enduring soubriquet.
19. The athlete's soubriquet, "Flash," matched his speed.
20. Picasso's soubriquet was "The Father of Cubism."
21. "The King" was Elvis Presley's iconic soubriquet.
22. His soubriquet, "Houdini," symbolized his escape artistry.
23. "The Sun King" was Louis XIV's historical soubriquet.
24. She earned the soubriquet "Warrior Princess" in battle.
25. The actor's soubriquet, "The Duke," was legendary.



nickname, formal name, official title, anonymity


SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Dialogue and Articulation, High School 10

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