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How to pronounce suave (audio)


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Dictionary definition of suave

Charming, sophisticated, and polished in one's manner and appearance.
"The politician gave his usual suave performance for the TV cameras."

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Detailed meaning of suave

It implies a high degree of social grace and poise, and suggests that the person in question is confident and self-assured in social situations. A suave person might be described as smooth-talking, charismatic, and effortlessly charming. They are often skilled at navigating social situations with ease, and are able to make others feel comfortable and at ease in their presence. The term 'suave' is often associated with a particular sense of style and fashion, and can be used to describe someone who is well-dressed and fashion-conscious. Overall, the term 'suave' is used to describe someone who is charming, sophisticated, and polished in their manner and appearance, and who possesses a high degree of social grace and poise.

Example sentences containing suave

1. The suave and urbane performer drew crowds of adoring fans long after his retirement.
2. The suave gentleman was always a hit with the ladies at the yacht club dinner.
3. The waiters had a natural suave and deferential manner about them.
4. It was astonishing how such a suave and sophisticated gentleman was performing such a mundane and monotonous role.
5. He is a suave and stylish businessman who gets through life using his charm, wits and good looks.
6. He was a suave and sophisticated gentleman, always impeccably dressed and well-mannered.

History and etymology of suave

The adjective 'suave' has an etymology that reflects its charming and polished nature. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'suavis,' which means 'sweet' or 'pleasant.' In its original form, 'suavis' described things that were pleasing to the senses, particularly the sense of taste and smell. Over time, this term evolved to encompass a broader sense of charm and sophistication in one's manner and appearance. 'Suave' came to describe individuals who exude an air of refinement, elegance, and charm, often characterized by a polished and debonair demeanor. The etymology of 'suave' underscores its connection to the idea of sweetness and pleasantness, highlighting the attractive and charming qualities that this adjective conveys in describing someone's demeanor and appearance.

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Further usage examples of suave

1. She was a suave and confident speaker, with the ability to charm and persuade her audience.
2. The suave actor had a natural charisma that drew people to him.
3. He was a suave and polished negotiator, able to persuade others to see things his way.
4. She was a suave and stylish dresser, with a natural flair for fashion.
5. The suave businessman was always confident and poised, no matter the situation.
6. He was a suave and charming host, able to put his guests at ease with his wit and charm.
7. She was a suave and sophisticated performer, with an effortless stage presence.
8. The suave diplomat was always calm and collected, no matter the pressure of the situation.
9. He was a suave and skilled dancer, with a natural grace and elegance.
10. She was a suave and charming hostess, able to make her guests feel welcome and at ease.
11. The suave politician was known for his smooth and confident speaking style.
12. His suave demeanor and impeccable style made a lasting impression.
13. She wore a suave black dress that turned heads at the party.
14. The suave gentleman effortlessly charmed everyone he met.
15. The suave spy smoothly eluded his pursuers with grace.
16. Her suave wit and intelligence made her a captivating conversationalist.
17. The suave actor captivated the audience with his performance.
18. He had a suave way of handling even the most delicate situations.
19. The suave singer's velvety voice left the crowd in awe.
20. The suave executive closed deals with finesse and confidence.
21. She found his suave confidence irresistible.
22. The suave detective cracked the case with his keen instincts.
23. His suave appearance hid a razor-sharp mind.
24. A suave smile and a firm handshake were his trademarks.



debonair, clumsy, awkward, inelegant


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