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cultured, barbaric, uncivilized, primitive



How to pronounce civilized (audio)

Dictionary definition of civilized

Displaying a high degree of refinement, social development, and adherence to cultural norms and values.
"The civilized debate allowed for a respectful exchange of ideas and opinions."

Detailed meaning of civilized

Typically, it encompasses aspects such as the establishment of government and legal systems, technological advancements, education, and manners that are deemed cultured or polished. Furthermore, it may also imply the observance of a certain moral code and consideration for the welfare of others. While the term is meant to reflect progress and sophistication, it is imperative to recognize that its application can be subjective and ethnocentric, at times bearing a history of being used to unjustly contrast different societies in a manner that could imply superiority or inferiority.

Example sentences of civilized

1. In a civilized society, disagreements are resolved through dialogue rather than violence.
2. She handled the situation in a civilized manner, remaining calm and composed.
3. The guests at the dinner party engaged in civilized conversation and polite interactions.
4. The museum displayed artifacts from ancient civilizations, showcasing their civilized achievements.
5. The teacher emphasized the importance of civilized behavior and treating classmates with respect.
6. The civilized response to criticism is to address it constructively, not with hostility.

History and etymology of civilized

The adjective 'civilized' is closely linked to its root word 'civil.' It shares its etymological origins with 'civil,' which traces back to the Latin word 'civilis.' In Latin, 'civilis' pertained to matters related to citizens and their conduct within a community or society. As societies evolved and became more organized, 'civilized' came to describe societies or individuals who exhibited a high degree of refinement, social development, and adherence to cultural norms and values. It conveys the idea of a community or people who have reached a level of cultural sophistication and civility in their interactions and behavior. Thus, the etymology of 'civilized' highlights its connection to the concept of being part of a well-ordered and culturally advanced society, emphasizing the importance of social norms and development in its historical development.

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Further usage examples of civilized

1. The company implemented civilized workplace policies to promote a harmonious and inclusive environment.
2. The negotiations were conducted in a civilized manner, with compromise and mutual understanding.
3. The book explored the contrast between civilized society and the wildness of nature.
4. The courtroom proceedings were conducted with the utmost civilized decorum and adherence to legal procedures.
5. The city's public transportation system is a hallmark of a civilized urban infrastructure.
6. Their cultured manners reflected a civilized society.
7. A civilized debate requires respect for differing opinions.
8. The city boasts a rich history of civilized living.
9. Diplomacy is essential for civilized international relations.
10. Civilized societies prioritize education and art.
11. She appreciated the civilized ambiance of the museum.
12. A civilized world values human rights and equality.
13. This ancient civilization left behind a civilized legacy.
14. They hosted a civilized dinner party with exquisite cuisine.
15. Civilized discourse fosters understanding and cooperation.
16. Literature is a hallmark of a civilized culture.
17. Civilized behavior involves empathy and kindness.
18. In a civilized society, laws protect individual rights.
19. The exchange of ideas is a hallmark of civilized nations.
20. A civilized approach to conflict resolution avoids violence.
21. A civilized city thrives on diversity and tolerance.
22. He admired the civilized customs of the indigenous tribe.
23. Civilization has advanced through scientific discovery.
24. A civilized society values the preservation of nature.
25. Civilized governance seeks the welfare of its citizens.


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