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How to pronounce agony (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'agony'

Intense physical or emotional suffering, typically characterized by severe pain, distress, or anguish.
"The athlete writhed in agony after injuring his ankle during the game."

Detailed Meaning of 'agony'

It represents a state of extreme discomfort, torment, or agony. Physically, agony may result from injuries, illnesses, or intense physical exertion, and it is often accompanied by excruciating pain or discomfort. Emotionally, agony can be experienced as a result of deep sorrow, grief, or psychological anguish, often manifesting as a profound sense of distress or torment. Agony can be both physical and mental, intertwining the realms of bodily sensations and emotional states. It is a deeply personal and subjective experience that can vary in its duration and intensity. The term "agony" underscores the severity and overwhelming nature of the suffering, implying a state of great torment and struggle. It is often associated with moments of extreme hardship or pain, serving as a testament to the immense challenges and trials that individuals may face in life.

History and Etymology of 'agony'

The noun 'agony' has its etymological origins in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'agonia,' which originally referred to the physical and mental struggle or contest, particularly in the context of athletic competitions. Over time, its meaning broadened to encompass intense physical or emotional suffering, typically characterized by severe pain, distress, or anguish. This transition reflects the notion of suffering as a profound and challenging struggle akin to the determination and effort seen in athletic contests. The term 'agony' underscores the idea of an intense and often prolonged experience of suffering, whether physical or emotional, highlighting the distressing and challenging nature of such states.

Examples of 'agony' in a Sentence

1. The doctor worked tirelessly to alleviate the patient's agony.
2. The ordeal of losing their home was a source of immense agony.
3. Facing a terminal illness, he showed remarkable courage amidst the agony.
4. The family's agony over the missing child was heart-wrenching.
5. Her performance on stage conveyed the character's emotional agony.
6. The agony of addiction can be all-consuming.
7. The survivor shared stories of the shipwreck's agony.
8. The refugee's journey was marked by unimaginable agony.
9. She found solace in writing poetry during moments of inner agony.
10. The aftermath of the natural disaster left a trail of agony.
11. The athlete endured the agony of a career-threatening injury.
12. The loss of her pet brought an unexpected depth of agony.
13. The war memorial honored the soldiers who endured great agony.
14. Coping with the diagnosis required facing the emotional agony head-on.
15. The mother's heart ached in agony upon hearing the tragic news.
16. The patient's screams echoed through the hospital corridors as he endured the agony of a severe migraine.
17. She clutched her chest, gasping for breath, as waves of agony washed over her during a panic attack.
18. The artist poured her anguish onto the canvas, expressing her inner agony through abstract strokes.
19. The prisoner's face contorted in agony as he endured the electric shocks during interrogation.
20. The character's emotional journey in the novel was a tale of love, loss, and agonies endured.
21. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, determined to endure the agony of a grueling workout.
22. The wounded soldier lay on the battlefield, enduring the agony of his injuries, awaiting rescue.
23. The grieving widow found solace in sharing her agony with a support group of fellow mourners.
24. The sculpture depicted the mythical figure trapped in eternal agony, frozen in a posture of torment.
25. The marathon runner pushed through the agony of fatigue, determined to reach the finish line.





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