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How to pronounce acme (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'acme'

The highest point or peak of something, often used to describe the pinnacle of achievement, excellence, or quality in a particular field or endeavor.
"The film represents the acme of the director’s creativity and artistic vision."

Detailed Meaning of 'acme'

It signifies the moment of greatest success or the zenith of one's abilities. When someone or something is said to have reached its acme, it means they have achieved the highest level of performance, recognition, or perfection. In essence, "acme" is a term that underscores the idea of reaching the absolute best or the ultimate summit, whether in personal accomplishment, professional achievement, or the quality of a product or service.

History and Etymology of 'acme'

The noun 'acme' has an intriguing etymology that takes us back to ancient Greece. It originates from the Greek word 'akmē,' which means 'highest point' or 'summit.' In Greek philosophy and astronomy, 'akmē' referred to the zenith or highest point in the sky, such as the culmination of a star's path. Over time, this concept of reaching the highest point or peak was adopted into English as 'acme.' Today, 'acme' is commonly used to describe the pinnacle of achievement, excellence, or quality in a particular field or endeavor, emphasizing the idea of reaching the utmost height or summit of accomplishment. The etymology of 'acme' thus reflects its historical association with the highest points in both the celestial and metaphorical realms.

Examples of 'acme' in a Sentence

1. The acme of their love story was their dreamy wedding on a beautiful beach.
2. The acme of the hiking trail offered breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.
3. The acme of the fashion show was the designer's stunning finale dress.
4. The team's victory in the championship game was the acme of their hard work and dedication.
5. Reaching the summit of Mount Everest is considered the acme of mountaineering achievements.
6. As a musician, performing at Carnegie Hall was the acme of her career.
7. The company was at the acme of its success when it dominated the market with its innovative products.
8. For many writers, winning the Nobel Prize in Literature is regarded as the acme of literary accomplishments.
9. The athlete trained rigorously for years to reach the acme of his sport.
10. The dessert was the acme of perfection, with every bite being more delicious than the last.
11. The scientist’s revolutionary discovery marked the acme of years of research and dedication.
12. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was considered the acme of the world, where the gods resided.
13. The orchestra’s performance last night was the acme of musical excellence.
14. The acme of her acting career was when she won the Academy Award.
15. During the 16th century, the city of Florence was the acme of culture and arts, giving birth to the Renaissance.
16. His latest invention is considered the acme of technological advancements in the field of robotics.





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