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equivalent, different, unrelated, distinct


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How to pronounce synonymous (audio)


Dictionary definition of synonymous

Having the same or similar meaning as another word, phrase, or concept.
"Honesty and integrity are synonymous with trustworthiness."

Detailed meaning of synonymous

In other words, when we say that two things are synonymous, we are suggesting that they can be used interchangeably in a given context without changing the meaning of the sentence. For example, the words "happy" and "joyful" are synonymous because they both express a positive emotion. Similarly, the phrases "car accident" and "automobile collision" are synonymous because they refer to the same event. The use of synonymous terms can help to clarify a message and make it more understandable to a wider audience.

Example sentences containing synonymous

1. In many cultures, the color white is synonymous with purity and innocence.
2. The brand has become synonymous with luxury and elegance.
3. Being punctual is synonymous with professionalism in the business world.
4. The actor's name has become synonymous with great performances.
5. For some, success is synonymous with wealth and material possessions.
6. The politician's name has become synonymous with corruption and scandal.

History and etymology of synonymous

The adjective 'synonymous' is rooted in the Greek language, where it can be traced back to the combination of two Greek words: 'syn,' meaning 'together,' and 'onoma,' meaning 'name.' When we delve into its etymology, it becomes evident that 'synonymous' essentially conveys the notion of words or concepts that go together or share the same name, signifying a similarity in meaning. This etymological origin encapsulates the essence of 'synonymous' as denoting words, phrases, or concepts that have the same or similar meaning as another, highlighting the shared identity or close connection in terms of language and meaning.

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Further usage examples of synonymous

1. In the fashion industry, the designer's name is synonymous with cutting-edge style.
2. Quality is synonymous with this brand's products.
3. In many cultures, the term "mother" is synonymous with love and care.
4. The restaurant is synonymous with delicious and authentic cuisine.
5. The company's name has become synonymous with innovation and technological advancements.
6. The two terms are often used interchangeably; they are synonymous.
7. In literature, the author's name has become synonymous with the genre.
8. The phrase "goodbye" is synonymous with bidding farewell.
9. The city's skyline has become synonymous with its iconic architecture.
10. The term "fast food" is often synonymous with convenience and quick service.
11. The musician's name is synonymous with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.
12. Hard work is synonymous with success in many fields.
13. The phrase "time is money" has become synonymous with efficiency and productivity.
14. The athlete's name has become synonymous with athleticism and dedication.

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