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How to pronounce analogous (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'analogous'

Having similarities or corresponding to something else, without being identical or the same.
"The way a virus infects a cell is analogous to a burglar breaking into a house."

Detailed Meaning of 'analogous'

This term is often used to describe a comparison between two things that share some common features or properties, but also have differences. Analogous can also refer to a situation or process that is similar to another, or to a set of circumstances that resemble each other in some way. The term can be used in a wide range of contexts, such as in science, art, literature, and everyday life. Overall, the adjective analogous suggests a certain level of similarity or correspondence between two things, without necessarily implying an exact match or identity.

History and Etymology of 'analogous'

The adjective 'analogous' derives its etymological roots from the Greek word 'analogos,' where 'ana' means 'upward' or 'according to,' and 'logos' means 'ratio' or 'word.' This etymology encapsulates the essence of the term, as 'analogous' is used to describe things that have similarities or correspond to something else without being identical or the same. It implies a relationship of proportion or correspondence, where two things share certain qualities or characteristics while also retaining their individuality. This word's etymology underscores the idea of comparison and similarity based on a shared underlying principle or pattern, much like the ratio or proportion implied by its Greek roots.

Examples of 'analogous' in a Sentence

1. The friendship between the two was analogous to a deep bond.
2. In music, the rhythm of a heartbeat is often analogous to a bass drum.
3. The brain's neural networks are analogous to a complex web.
4. The chef used analogous flavors in her culinary experiment.
5. The company's success was analogous to a well-oiled machine.
6. The novel's characters had stories analogous to real-life struggles.
7. Their relationship dynamics were analogous to a seesaw.
8. The artist's use of color was analogous to a vivid dream.
9. The marathon was analogous to a grueling test of endurance.
10. The codebreaker deciphered the message using an analogous key.
11. The detective solved the case through analogous cases he had studied.
12. The coach used an analogous sports event to motivate the team.
13. The legal precedent was analogous to the current courtroom drama.
14. The growth of the economy was analogous to a rollercoaster ride.
15. The structure of a plant cell is analogous to a solar panel.
16. The way a lock works is analogous to a combination safe.
17. A computer file system is analogous to a library catalog system.
18. The process of learning a language is analogous to solving a puzzle.
19. The role of a conductor in an orchestra is analogous to a quarterback on a football team.
20. The structure of an atom is analogous to a miniature solar system.
21. A book's table of contents is analogous to a map of its contents.
22. A river's tributaries are analogous to the branches of a tree.
23. The way a pendulum swings is analogous to a heartbeat.
24. The role of a captain on a ship is analogous to a CEO of a company.
25. The way a thermostat regulates temperature is analogous to a governor regulating speed.





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