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How to pronounce tamper (audio)


Dictionary definition of tamper

To interfere with or manipulate something in an unauthorized or improper way, often for the purpose of causing damage or achieving a desired outcome.
"It's important not to tamper with a crime scene before the police arrive."

Detailed meaning of tamper

This can involve altering, adjusting, or changing the properties, contents, or functionality of an object, system, or process. Tampering can be intentional or unintentional, and can occur in various contexts, such as in sports, where athletes may attempt to cheat by tampering with equipment or using performance-enhancing substances, or in technology, where hackers may tamper with computer systems to gain unauthorized access or cause disruption. Tampering is generally considered unethical and can result in legal or disciplinary consequences if detected.

Example sentences containing tamper

1. The parent warned their child not to tamper with the electrical outlets.
2. Do not tamper with the evidence; it could result in a mistrial.
3. It is illegal to tamper with someone else's mail.
4. If you tamper with the alarm, it will go off.
5. Be careful not to tamper with the electric wiring; it's dangerous.
6. They plan to tamper with the system to gain unauthorized access.

History and etymology of tamper

The verb 'tamper' has an etymological history that sheds light on its modern usage. It can be traced back to the Middle English word 'tamperen,' which meant 'to meddle' or 'to handle something improperly.' This Middle English term likely originated from the Old French word 'temprer,' which meant 'to mix' or 'to adjust.' Interestingly, the Old French word itself had Latin roots in 'temperare,' meaning 'to mix in due proportion' or 'to regulate.' Over time, 'tamper' gradually adopted its contemporary sense, signifying the act of interfering with or manipulating something, often in an unauthorized or improper manner, with the potential to cause damage or achieve a specific desired outcome. The etymology of 'tamper' reflects the idea of meddling or mixing inappropriately, which has evolved into the modern notion of unauthorized interference with a negative connotation.

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Further usage examples of tamper

1. You shouldn't tamper with nature; it often has unintended consequences.
2. Children, please do not tamper with the exhibits in the museum.
3. If you tamper with these settings, you may disrupt the entire network.
4. Never tamper with the safety measures on heavy machinery.
5. If you tamper with the device, it will void the warranty.
6. Anyone who tries to tamper with the election results should face severe penalties.
7. I saw her try to tamper with my locker; I reported her immediately.
8. It's never a good idea to tamper with another person's property.
9. You can't tamper with this artifact; it's of great historical significance.
10. It's risky to tamper with the chemistry set without proper knowledge.
11. Do not tamper with the fire extinguisher; it's for emergency use only.
12. If you tamper with this mechanism, it could fail at the worst possible moment.
13. It is unethical to tamper with someone else's work and pass it off as your own.
14. You should never tamper with a beehive; it could lead to a painful outcome.

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