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adjust, neglect, ignore, ruin


Creativity and Originality, Diligence and Thoroughness, Effort and Exertion, Innovation and Inception, Improvement and Deterioration



How to pronounce tinker (audio)


Dictionary definition of tinker

To make small adjustments or repairs to something in a playful, experimental or improvisational way.
"He loved to tinker with vintage cars, restoring them to their former glory."

Detailed meaning of tinker

It can also refer to the act of working on something in a casual or amateurish manner without a clear plan or direction. For example, a person might tinker with a broken appliance or piece of machinery in an attempt to fix it, or a person might tinker with a creative project in order to experiment with new ideas or techniques. The term 'tinker' is often associated with hobbyists, inventors, and creative individuals who enjoy working with their hands and experimenting with new ideas. Overall, the verb 'tinker' connotes a sense of curiosity, experimentation, and creativity, and is used to describe the act of making small adjustments or repairs to something in a playful or improvisational way.

Example sentences containing tinker

1. She would often tinker with her computer settings to optimize its performance.
2. The engineer decided to tinker with the design to improve its efficiency.
3. Instead of following the recipe exactly, she liked to tinker with the ingredients to create unique flavors.
4. He spent hours in the garage, tinkering with his latest DIY project.
5. The kids were busy tinkering with building blocks, creating imaginative structures.
6. She couldn't resist the urge to tinker with the piano keys, producing a playful melody.

History and etymology of tinker

The verb 'tinker' has its origins in Old English and Middle English. It originally referred to someone who practiced the trade of mending or repairing household utensils, particularly pots and pans. The word 'tinker' comes from the Old English word 'tincan,' which means 'to mend' or 'to repair.' Over time, the term expanded in usage and took on a broader meaning. It came to describe not only the profession of repairing metalware but also the act of making small adjustments or repairs to something in a playful, experimental, or improvisational way. The etymology of 'tinker' reflects its historical association with the skilled craftspeople who repaired household items, highlighting their ability to tinker or make improvements through hands-on, practical adjustments.

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Further usage examples of tinker

1. He would tinker with the radio dial until he found the perfect station to listen to.
2. The inventor was always in his workshop, tinkering away on his groundbreaking creations.
3. She would often tinker with her smartphone settings to customize its functionality.
4. The curious cat enjoyed tinkering with small objects, batting them around the room.
5. He liked to tinker with the garden layout, moving plants around to find the best arrangement.
6. The mechanic was busy tinkering under the hood of the car, diagnosing the issue.
7. The artist would tinker with different brush strokes to achieve the desired effect.
8. Whenever he had free time, he would tinker with his guitar, experimenting with new chords.
9. The young scientist was excited to tinker with chemicals in the lab, conducting experiments.
10. She spent the weekend tinkering with her sewing machine, creating a beautiful dress.
11. The engineer enjoyed tinkering with robotic components, building innovative devices.
12. He would tinker with the thermostat settings to find the ideal room temperature.
13. The inventor's eyes would light up whenever he had the chance to tinker with new technologies.
14. He loves to tinker with old radios, restoring them to their former glory.
15. After hours of tinkering, she finally fixed the broken bicycle chain.
16. In the garage, he would often tinker with his vintage car collection.
17. With a toolbox in hand, he's always ready to tinker with household gadgets.
18. She decided to tinker with the recipe, adding a pinch of exotic spices.
19. Late at night, he would sneak into his workshop to tinker on secret projects.
20. The young inventor would often tinker with his robot prototypes.
21. He couldn't resist the urge to tinker with the computer's settings.
22. In the garden shed, she liked to tinker with gardening tools and equipment.
23. The clockmaker would meticulously tinker with antique timepieces.
24. With a soldering iron, he would tinker with electronic circuits for fun.

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