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How to pronounce thespian (audio)
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Dictionary definition of thespian

An actor or actress, particularly someone who is involved in the art of theater or dramatic performances.
"The young thespian was already making a name for herself in the theater community."

Detailed meaning of thespian

Thespians are individuals who dedicate themselves to the craft of acting, bringing characters and stories to life on stage, in film, or in other forms of live entertainment. The term has historical significance as it originates from Thespis, an ancient Greek playwright and actor considered one of the first actors to step out of the chorus and assume a character's role in Greek drama. Today, thespians contribute to the world of performing arts, embodying various roles and emotions, and their dedication to their craft plays a vital role in the world of entertainment and storytelling.

Example sentences containing thespian

1. The thespian was well known for her performances on stage.
2. The school's thespian society was an active and well-respected group.
3. The Thespian troupe put on an incredible performance of "Hamlet" last night.
4. She was a Thespian in high school and went on to pursue a career in acting.
5. The Thespian society held auditions for their upcoming play.
6. He studied under a renowned Thespian to hone his acting skills.

History and etymology of thespian

The noun 'thespian' has an etymology tied to ancient Greek theater. It originates from 'Thespis,' an ancient Greek playwright and actor who is often credited with being the first person to portray a character on stage as an individual, rather than as part of a chorus. Thespis lived in the 6th century BCE and is considered a pioneer in the development of Greek drama. The term 'thespian' is derived from his name and is used to refer to actors or actresses, particularly those involved in the art of theater or dramatic performances. It highlights the historical significance of Thespis as a trailblazer in the world of theater and the enduring legacy of his contributions to the performing arts, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of thespian

1. The Thespian's talent for improvisation saved the show when the lead actor forgot his lines.
2. She won the Thespian award for Best Actress in a Drama.
3. The Thespian community mourned the loss of one of their own.
4. He discovered his love for the stage after attending a Thespian conference.
5. The Thespian troupe rehearsed tirelessly for weeks to perfect their performance.
6. The Thespian's ability to embody different characters was truly impressive.
7. She was a proud member of the Thespian Honor Society.
8. The Thespian's passion for the craft was evident in every performance.
9. The thespian received a standing ovation for her powerful performance.
10. The young thespian aspired to make it big on Broadway.
11. The theater was filled with talented thespians ready to take the stage.
12. The thespian's dedication to their craft was evident in every role.
13. She joined a group of thespians for an amateur production.
14. The veteran thespian shared valuable insights with the acting class.
15. The school honored the outstanding thespian with an award.
16. The aspiring thespian rehearsed tirelessly for the lead role.
17. The thespian community came together to support a local charity.
18. The director praised the thespians for their commitment to the play.
19. The thespian's versatility allowed them to excel in various genres.
20. The audience admired the thespian's ability to convey emotion.
21. The thespian's monologue left the audience in awe.
22. The thespian's portrayal of the character was both moving and memorable.
23. The theater was a hub for aspiring thespians to learn and grow.
24. The talented thespian had a bright future in the entertainment industry.
25. The thespian's charisma and stage presence captivated the audience.
26. The thespian community celebrated World Theatre Day with performances.
27. The local thespian group put on a Shakespearean production.
28. The school's drama club welcomed new thespians with open arms.

actor, spectator, viewer, audience

Admiration and Respect, Performance and Display, Entertainment and Performance




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