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How to pronounce undisputed (audio)

Dictionary definition of undisputed

Widely recognized and accepted as true, genuine, or legitimate, and not questioned or contested by anyone.
"The undisputed champion boxer had never been defeated in the ring."

Detailed meaning of undisputed

It suggests that there is no doubt or uncertainty about the validity or authenticity of the thing in question. The term is often used in a positive or affirming sense, and implies a high degree of authority or credibility. For example, an undisputed champion in sports is one who has defeated all challengers and is widely recognized as the best in their field. An undisputed fact is one that is accepted as true by everyone and cannot be disputed or challenged. Overall, the term 'undisputed' conveys a sense of certainty and authority, and suggests that there is a high degree of agreement or consensus about the thing being described.

Example sentences containing undisputed

1. He is the undisputed champion of the chess world.
2. Her talent as a pianist is undisputed among her peers.
3. The historical accuracy of the book is undisputed by scholars.
4. The team's undisputed leader led them to victory.
5. The undisputed fact is that the Earth orbits the Sun.
6. The restaurant's undisputed specialty is its signature dish.

History and etymology of undisputed

The adjective 'undisputed' is a compound word consisting of 'un-' and 'disputed.' 'Disputed' is derived from the Latin word 'disputare,' which means 'to argue' or 'to contest.' When 'un-' is added as a prefix, it negates the meaning, turning 'disputed' into 'undisputed.' Therefore, 'undisputed' conveys the idea of something that is widely recognized and accepted as true, genuine, or legitimate, and not questioned or contested by anyone. Its etymology emphasizes the unequivocal and uncontested nature of the subject, reflecting a consensus or acknowledgment of its authenticity or validity without dispute or disagreement.

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Further usage examples of undisputed

1. The undisputed highlight of the trip was the breathtaking view.
2. His undisputed skill in negotiation impressed everyone.
3. The film's undisputed success was evident at the box office.
4. The undisputed evidence led to a swift conviction.
5. His undisputed knowledge in the field made him a respected authority.
6. The undisputed beauty of the sunset left us speechless.
7. The athlete's undisputed record still stands unbeaten.
8. Her undisputed dedication to the cause inspired others.
9. The undisputed facts of the case led to a swift resolution.
10. The undisputed truth was finally revealed to the public.
11. The company's undisputed commitment to quality set it apart.
12. Her undisputed talent as a painter earned her critical acclaim.
13. The undisputed success of the business was a testament to their hard work.
14. His undisputed expertise in medicine saved countless lives.
15. The undisputed winner of the competition was awarded the trophy.
16. The undisputed beauty of the landscape left us in awe.
17. The undisputed leader of the team inspired confidence in the members.
18. Her undisputed kindness endeared her to everyone she met.
19. The undisputed charm of the small town attracted tourists from far and wide.



accepted, contested, disputed, challenged


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