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How to pronounce vagary (audio)

Dictionary definition of vagary

An unpredictable or unusual change in behavior, mood, or action.
"The vagary of the weather made planning the outdoor event difficult."

Detailed meaning of vagary

It is often used to describe a sudden or unexpected deviation from a normal pattern or behavior, and can refer to both positive and negative changes. Vagary can be used to describe a sudden or unexpected change in mood, such as a person experiencing a vagary of emotion, or a sudden or unexpected change in behavior, such as a person acting on a vagary of impulse.

In a more general sense, something that is a vagary is considered to be an unpredictable or unusual change, that deviates from a normal pattern or behavior. It can also refer to a fanciful or extravagant idea, or a sudden change in the way things are happening, that is not planned, and it is hard to understand or explain. Vagary can be used in a more negative sense, to describe something that is erratic or capricious, like a person's behavior who is subject to sudden and unpredictable changes. The opposite of vagary is consistency, stability and predictability. In short, Vagary refers to an unpredictable or unusual change in behavior, mood, or action, that deviates from a normal pattern or behavior and can refer to both positive and negative changes.

Example sentences containing vagary

1. Her sudden vagary left us all bewildered, wondering what had sparked the change.
2. The vagary of the weather had us packing both umbrellas and sunscreen for the trip.
3. His creative vagary led him to explore art forms he had never considered before.
4. The stock market's vagary kept investors on edge, never knowing what to expect.
5. Despite her usual reliability, she surprised us with a vagary that left us stunned.
6. The vagary of life's twists and turns can make each day an adventure.

History and etymology of vagary

The noun 'vagary' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'vagus,' which means 'wandering' or 'errant.' The term 'vagus' gave rise to the Latin word 'vagari,' meaning 'to wander' or 'to roam.' Over time, the word 'vagary' emerged in English to describe unpredictable or unusual changes in behavior, mood, or action, much like the wandering or erratic movements of something that is not confined to a fixed path. When we speak of someone's 'vagaries,' we are alluding to their unpredictable and often capricious deviations from the expected or normal course, reflecting the term's historical connection to wandering and roaming.

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Further usage examples of vagary

1. The chef's culinary vagary resulted in a unique fusion of flavors on the menu.
2. We couldn't predict his next vagary, as his interests seemed to change constantly.
3. The vagary of technology advances makes it challenging to keep up with the latest gadgets.
4. In the world of fashion, vagary reigns supreme, with trends shifting rapidly.
5. The vagary of human emotions can lead to unexpected reactions in various situations.
6. A sudden vagary in the stock market left many investors puzzled.
7. His behavior was characterized by a vagary that no one could predict.
8. The vagary of the wind led the sailboat off course.
9. She was used to the vagary of her cat's temperament and knew how to handle it.
10. The vagary in his expression hinted at his underlying confusion.
11. Sometimes a vagary of fate brings two unlikely people together.
12. The vagary of public opinion can be a challenge for politicians.
13. A single vagary in the data can skew the entire research conclusion.
14. The garden's success was subject to the vagary of seasonal weather patterns.
15. Navigating the vagary of international laws requires expertise and patience.
16. A vagary in the power supply caused the lights to flicker.
17. The vagary of his decision-making process often led to unexpected outcomes.
18. The poem's meaning was obscured by a vagary of complex metaphors.
19. The vagary of human emotion can sometimes defy logical explanation.
20. The vagary in the musical tempo added an interesting dynamic to the performance.
21. A small vagary in the route led the explorers to a breathtaking discovery.
22. Sometimes the vagary of a dream can leave us pondering its meaning all day.
23. The chef's vagary in ingredient selection always made his dishes unique.
24. The teacher was able to handle every vagary of the classroom with grace and humor.



caprice, predictability, constancy, stability


GRE 6 (Graduate Record Examination), Accidents and Unpredictability, Irregular and Unpredictable, Puzzlement and Perplexity

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