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How to pronounce vandalism (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vandalism

The act of deliberately and unlawfully damaging or destroying property, typically public or private, without the owner's consent.
"The police arrested a group of teenagers for engaging in acts of vandalism in the downtown area."

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Detailed meaning of vandalism

It involves the intentional defacement, alteration, or destruction of physical objects, such as buildings, vehicles, monuments, or public spaces. Vandalism is characterized by acts of graffiti, spray painting, smashing windows, damaging infrastructure, or any form of malicious activity that results in the degradation or devaluation of property. The motivations behind vandalism can vary, including a desire for self-expression, political protest, or simply causing chaos and destruction. Regardless of the reasons, vandalism is widely condemned as it undermines the integrity of public spaces, imposes financial burdens on individuals or communities, and erodes the sense of safety and well-being within society. Legal systems often have measures in place to prosecute and deter acts of vandalism, aiming to protect and preserve public and private property for the benefit of all.

Example sentences containing vandalism

1. The park was a victim of vandalism, with graffiti covering the walls and broken benches scattered across the area.
2. The school had to allocate funds for repairs due to the recent acts of vandalism committed by unknown individuals.
3. The museum had to increase security measures to prevent further vandalism to its valuable art collection.
4. The neighborhood was plagued by a series of vandalism incidents, leaving residents frustrated and concerned.
5. The city council organized a community cleanup day to address the vandalism in the local playground.
6. The historical monument suffered severe vandalism, prompting a restoration project to preserve its historical significance.

History and etymology of vandalism

The noun 'vandalism' is closely linked to the historical actions of the Vandals, an East Germanic tribe known for their destructive raids and conquests in the Western Roman Empire during the 5th century. The term 'vandalism' originated from the name of this tribe, as their actions were associated with widespread damage and destruction. Over time, 'vandalism' came to represent the act of deliberately and unlawfully damaging or destroying property, often in a manner that lacks respect for the owner's consent. The etymology of 'vandalism' thus reflects the historical connection between the Vandals' destructive behavior and the concept of wanton destruction of property.

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Further usage examples of vandalism

1. The vandalized bus stop had broken glass and torn advertisements, causing inconvenience to commuters.
2. The local business owner installed security cameras to deter potential acts of vandalism to their storefront.
3. The community rallied together to repair the damage caused by the vandalism spree in the local park.
4. The city implemented a public awareness campaign to educate residents about the consequences of vandalism.
5. The graffiti artist decided to channel their artistic talents in a positive way by creating murals instead of engaging in vandalism.
6. The park was marred by senseless vandalism.
7. Vandalism of public monuments is a criminal offense.
8. Graffiti is a form of street art, not vandalism.
9. The city council is addressing the issue of vandalism.
10. Vandals defaced the historic building with graffiti.
11. Vandalism often leads to costly repairs.
12. We must prevent further vandalism in the neighborhood.
13. The school suffered extensive vandalism over the weekend.
14. Vandalism tarnished the reputation of the area.
15. Community volunteers cleaned up the vandalism.
16. Vandals targeted the playground equipment.
17. The park was closed temporarily due to vandalism.
18. Surveillance cameras deter acts of vandalism.
19. Public outcry followed the spree of vandalism.
20. The police are investigating the vandalism incidents.
21. Neighborhood watch groups aim to combat vandalism.
22. Vandalism harms the sense of community.
23. Vandals spray-painted slogans on the walls.
24. The graffiti was seen as an act of vandalism.
25. We need to address the root causes of vandalism.



destruction, preservation, protection, restoration


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