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How to pronounce vendor (audio)

Dictionary definition of vendor

A person, business, or entity that sells goods or services to customers.
"Our company works with a reliable IT vendor for all our hardware needs."

Detailed meaning of vendor

Vendors play a fundamental role in commerce and trade by offering a wide range of products, from everyday necessities to specialized items, either through physical retail locations, online platforms, or at events like markets and festivals. Vendors can vary in scale and specialization, ranging from street vendors and small independent businesses to large corporations and e-commerce giants. They are responsible for sourcing, marketing, and delivering products to consumers, and they often contribute to economic growth and market competition. In addition to tangible goods, vendors can also provide services such as catering, software solutions, or event planning. Overall, vendors are key participants in the marketplace, facilitating the exchange of goods and services between producers and consumers.

Example sentences containing vendor

1. The street vendor sold delicious hot dogs and hamburgers.
2. The vendor at the farmer's market sold fresh vegetables and fruits.
3. The street fair was bustling with vendors offering handmade crafts.
4. We hired a food vendor to cater our company picnic.
5. The software vendor provided excellent customer support.
6. The vendor's stall displayed a wide range of handmade jewelry.

History and etymology of vendor

The noun 'vendor' has its roots in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'venditor,' which is a combination of 'vendere,' meaning 'to sell,' and the suffix '-tor,' denoting the doer of an action. This term made its way into Old French as 'vendeur' and eventually entered Middle English as 'vendor.' Throughout its linguistic journey, the word has retained its fundamental meaning of someone who sells goods or services to customers. In modern usage, a vendor can refer to individuals, businesses, or entities engaged in commercial transactions, offering products or services to the market for purchase.

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Further usage examples of vendor

1. The concert venue had multiple food and drink vendors for the event.
2. The wedding had a dessert vendor serving delicious cupcakes.
3. The street vendor was known for his tasty hot dogs.
4. The bookstore's vendor section featured a diverse selection of books.
5. The software vendor offered a free trial of their latest program.
6. The antique fair attracted vendors from all over the region.
7. The festival had a vendor selling colorful balloons for children.
8. The coffee shop sourced its beans from a local vendor.
9. We need to find a new vendor for office supplies.
10. The tech conference had vendor booths showcasing the latest gadgets.
11. The street vendor's cart sold mouthwatering tacos.
12. The flower vendor had a beautiful array of bouquets for sale.
13. The music festival had vendor tents selling band merchandise.
14. The hardware store partnered with a reputable vendor for power tools.



seller, buyer, consumer, purchaser


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