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How to pronounce retro (audio)


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Dictionary definition of retro

Reminiscent of the past, particularly from a previous era, often evoking nostalgia for a bygone time.
"The cafe was decorated with retro posters from the 1950s."


Detailed meaning of retro

The term 'retro' is used to describe elements that imitate or are inspired by the aesthetics, trends, and cultural aspects of a specific historical period, typically one that is at least a few decades old. Retro styles often re-emerge in contemporary contexts, capturing the essence of a specific era and infusing it with a modern twist. Whether it's in clothing, interior design, music, or technology, 'retro' elements celebrate and pay homage to the past, providing a bridge between generations and allowing individuals to relive or experience the charm and uniqueness of yesteryears. In essence, 'retro' encapsulates a delightful blend of vintage and contemporary, creating a delightful sense of familiarity and sentimentality for those who encounter it.

Example sentences containing retro

1. Her retro wardrobe featured vintage clothing from the 1960s and 70s.
2. The retro diner served classic milkshakes and burgers in a nostalgic setting.
3. The music at the party had a retro vibe, taking everyone back to the '80s.
4. He decorated his apartment with retro furniture, creating a charming ambiance.
5. The film's retro aesthetic captured the essence of a simpler time.
6. The arcade had a collection of retro video games that brought back childhood memories.

History and etymology of retro

The adjective 'retro' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'retro,' which means 'back' or 'backward.' In English, it has come to represent anything reminiscent of the past, particularly from a previous era, often evoking nostalgia for a bygone time. 'Retro' suggests a backward glance or a return to a style, fashion, or aesthetic that harkens back to earlier decades. It is a term used to describe things that have a vintage or nostalgic quality, whether in music, design, fashion, or culture. When we use 'retro' today, we are tapping into its Latin origin, emphasizing the idea of looking back and finding inspiration in the past, celebrating the enduring appeal of past eras.

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Further usage examples of retro

1. Vintage vinyl records provided a retro soundtrack for the evening.
2. The retro car show showcased classic automobiles from the past century.
3. The retro-themed dance party was a hit with its disco ball and funky tunes.
4. Nostalgia filled the room as they watched a retro cartoon marathon.
5. Her retro-inspired art captured the essence of a bygone era with a modern twist.
6. She wore a retro polka-dot dress that belonged to her grandmother.
7. The old jukebox in the corner played retro tunes all evening.
8. The restaurant's interior had a charming retro vibe with vintage furniture and neon signs.
9. He collected retro video games and consoles from the '80s and '90s.
10. The party had a retro theme, and everyone dressed up in bell-bottoms and tie-dye shirts.
11. The new smartphone had a modern design but was inspired by retro aesthetics.
12. The DJ at the club spun a mix of retro and contemporary dance tracks.
13. She found a treasure trove of retro vinyl records at the flea market.
14. The retro arcade games at the amusement park brought back memories of childhood.
15. The retro-inspired kitchen had pastel-colored appliances and checkered tiles.
16. He proudly drove a retro-style convertible car from the 1960s.
17. The art exhibition showcased a collection of retro paintings from the early 20th century.
18. She loved wearing retro cat-eye sunglasses to complete her vintage look.
19. The bar served retro cocktails like the classic Old Fashioned and the Martini.
20. The graphic designer created a retro-inspired logo for the new coffee shop.
21. The hotel room had a retro rotary phone on the bedside table.
22. He decorated his apartment with retro movie posters and vintage movie memorabilia.
23. The retro-themed party featured a nostalgic candy bar with old-fashioned sweets.
24. The fashion show displayed a variety of retro-inspired clothing, celebrating the styles of the past.



old-fashioned, modern, futuristic, contemporary


Appropriate and Suitable, Literary and Artistic Elements, Creativity and Originality, Duration and Transience, History and Nostalgia

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