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censure, praise, compliment, flattery


SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Vexation and Aggravation, Criticism and Censure



How to pronounce vituperation (audio)


Dictionary definition of vituperation

The act of vehemently criticizing or verbally abusing someone in a severe and harsh manner.
"The online comments were filled with vituperation and personal attacks towards the author."

Detailed meaning of vituperation

It is an expression of extreme disapproval or condemnation, often accompanied by offensive language and personal attacks. The use of vituperation is typically characterized by a relentless onslaught of negative and derogatory remarks aimed at belittling and demeaning the target. This noun encapsulates the intense and hostile nature of verbal assault, where the intent is to undermine, humiliate, or debase the individual being subjected to such vitriolic language. Vituperation is an aggressive form of communication that aims to inflict emotional harm and leave a lasting impact on its recipient.

Example sentences containing vituperation

1. The politician faced relentless vituperation from his opponents during the heated debate.
2. The media criticized the celebrity with a barrage of vituperation for their controversial statement.
3. Despite her accomplishments, the artist had to endure vituperation from jealous rivals.
4. The internet can sometimes be a breeding ground for vituperation and cyberbullying.
5. The heated argument quickly descended into vituperation, with both parties hurling insults at each other.
6. The professor's vituperation towards the students shocked the entire class.

History and etymology of vituperation

The noun 'vituperation' is derived from the verb 'vituperate' and shares its etymological roots with the Latin word 'vituperatio,' which means 'a reproach' or 'severe criticism.' In Latin, 'vituperatio' was used to describe the act of vehemently criticizing or verbally abusing someone in a severe and harsh manner. In English, 'vituperation' encompasses this same sense of forceful and severe criticism, representing the act of harshly censuring or reproaching someone with intense disapproval or condemnation. It emphasizes the use of strong and condemnatory language in the expression of severe criticism or verbal abuse. The etymology of 'vituperation' thus reflects its historical association with vehement and forceful verbal reproach, highlighting the intensity and severity of language involved in acts of severe criticism.

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Further usage examples of vituperation

1. The athlete was subjected to vituperation by angry fans after losing the championship game.
2. The online forum became a toxic environment, filled with vituperation and hatred.
3. The politician's campaign was marred by vituperation against their opponents.
4. The celebrity's public image suffered greatly due to the vituperation in the tabloids.
5. The journalist faced severe vituperation from readers who disagreed with their opinion piece.
6. Her vituperation towards her opponent during the debate was relentless.
7. The editor received a torrent of vituperation for the controversial article.
8. In the heat of the argument, vituperation became the weapon of choice.
9. The online forum was filled with vituperation and personal attacks.
10. He couldn't handle the vituperation directed at him on social media.
11. The vituperation from the critics was harsh but expected.
12. Vituperation only escalated the tension in the already heated meeting.
13. The political campaign was marred by mudslinging and vituperation.
14. The vituperation in the comments section was disheartening.
15. She endured years of vituperation from her unforgiving family.
16. The vituperation in their relationship eventually led to a breakup.
17. The media coverage was filled with vituperation and sensationalism.
18. Resorting to vituperation is rarely an effective means of persuasion.
19. The vituperation from the opposing team's fans was deafening.
20. Vituperation can poison relationships and destroy trust.
21. His vituperation left scars that never truly healed.
22. The vituperation in the courtroom shocked even the seasoned lawyers.
23. Despite the vituperation, she remained steadfast in her beliefs.
24. The vituperation was a painful reminder of their estrangement.
25. Journalists often face vituperation for reporting uncomfortable truths.

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