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Examples of 'ascend' in a Sentence

1. After a challenging journey, we will ascend the summit by midday.
2. The hikers will ascend the steep trail with their equipment.
3. The airplane will ascend to cruising altitude shortly after takeoff.
4. The king will ascend the throne after the coronation ceremony.
5. The rocket will ascend to the upper layers of the atmosphere during the test.
6. We will ascend the tower to appreciate the panoramic view of the city.
7. The trail will ascend the rugged terrain towards the picturesque peak.
8. The kites will ascend in the sky during the annual kite festival.
9. Birds will ascend from the ground at the first light of dawn.
10. The path will ascend through the forest leading to the ancient ruins.
11. You will ascend the ladder to reach the books on the top shelf.
12. The escalator will ascend to the top floor where the restaurant is located.
13. In the elevator, we will ascend to the observation deck.
14. After a long hike, we will ascend the peak to see the sunrise.


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