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Examples of 'bond' in a Sentence

1. The soldiers formed a tight bond during their time serving together.
2. The siblings' bond grew stronger as they faced challenges together.
3. The mentor and mentee developed a close bond through their interactions.
4. The community came together, forming a bond of unity and resilience.
5. The characters in the book share a bond that transcends time and space.
6. The teacher worked hard to build a bond of trust with her students.
7. The team-building activities were designed to foster a bond among colleagues.
8. The couple's bond deepened as they shared their hopes and dreams.
9. The therapy dog helps patients form a bond and provide emotional support.
10. The volunteer work created a bond between the participants and the community.
11. The coach emphasized the importance of a strong bond within the team.
12. The business partners formed a bond based on shared goals and values.
13. The adoption process helped create a bond between the child and their new family.
14. The mentorship program aims to foster a bond between experienced professionals and newcomers.


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