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Examples of 'breathless' in a Sentence


1. The mesmerizing performance by the dancer left the audience breathless in admiration.
2. The shocking revelation in the book left me breathless, unable to turn the page.
3. The swift and intense storm left the town breathless with its destructive power.
4. The breathtaking beauty of the sunset left me breathless, capturing my heart.
5. The thrilling chase scene in the movie had me breathless, glued to the screen.
6. She was breathless after climbing the steep hill, gasping for air.
7. His sprint left him breathless but victorious, a testament to his speed.
8. The high-altitude hike made me feel breathless, struggling to breathe.
9. The race to the finish left us all breathless, as we gave it our all.
10. The breathtaking view left us speechless, unable to find words.
11. Her voice was breathless with excitement, conveying her joy.
12. The movie's suspenseful scenes left us breathless, on the edge of our seats.
13. The thrilling roller coaster ride left me breathless, my heart racing.
14. The intense workout made me feel breathless, pushing my limits.
15. He spoke in a breathless whisper, revealing a secret.
16. The news of their engagement left me breathless, pleasantly surprised.
17. His performance left the audience breathless, in awe of his talent.
18. The breathtaking beauty of the sunset was awe-inspiring, a sight to behold.
19. The unexpected twist in the plot left viewers breathless, in shock.
20. The passionate kiss left them both breathless, lost in the moment.
21. The fast-paced thriller had me reading breathlessly, eager to know what happened next.
22. The breathtaking athleticism of the gymnast impressed all, leaving us in admiration.
23. She finished the marathon feeling exhilarated but breathless, proud of her accomplishment.
24. The breathtaking acrobatics of the circus act amazed us, defying gravity.
25. The breathless anticipation before the big reveal was palpable, as we waited with bated breath.

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