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Examples of 'compunction' in a Sentence


1. He felt a deep sense of compunction for not being able to save the drowning child.
2. She had no compunction about exploiting the vulnerable for her own gain.
3. He was filled with compunction after realizing the harm his actions had caused.
4. She acted with compunction, always considering the consequences of her actions.
5. He felt a pang of compunction for betraying the trust of his closest friend.
6. He was known for his lack of compunction and was hired to implement efficiency measures and mass redundancies.
7. She felt compunction for her harsh words, wishing she could take them back.
8. His lack of compunction about the harm he caused troubled his conscience.
9. The thief showed no compunction as he stole from the vulnerable.
10. Her compunction grew as she realized the consequences of her actions.
11. He confessed his misdeeds with genuine compunction.
12. The decision was made without compunction, despite the potential harm.
13. Their compunction was evident in their sincere apologies.
14. The leader acted with compunction, admitting the mistake and seeking amends.
15. She acted out of compunction to right the wrong she had done.
16. His compunction led him to donate to the charity.
17. The criminal showed no compunction for the pain he caused.
18. The politician's lack of compunction was criticized by the public.
19. The thief's compunction eventually led to a change of heart.
20. She acted with compunction, knowing her actions had hurt her friends.
21. His compunction grew as he saw the consequences of his decisions.
22. The employee's compunction was evident in her efforts to make amends.
23. The teacher's compunction drove her to help struggling students.
24. Their compunction pushed them to apologize and seek forgiveness.
25. He showed compunction for the damage his negligence had caused.
26. Her compunction guided her towards making ethical choices.

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