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Examples of 'convoluted' in a Sentence


1. Their relationship had a convoluted history, one filled with countless breakups and reconciliations.
2. The path to the summit was convoluted, zigzagging up the mountainside.
3. His convoluted reasoning was difficult to follow, and left the audience baffled.
4. This manual seems unnecessarily convoluted; it could definitely be simplified.
5. With its convoluted syntax, the legal document was nearly impossible to interpret.
6. She traced the convoluted patterns of the wallpaper with her fingers.
7. The convoluted roots of the old tree spread out, covering a large area.
8. The scientists were trying to untangle the convoluted strands of the DNA molecule.
9. The political situation in the region is incredibly convoluted.
10. His explanation of quantum physics was convoluted, but I appreciated his attempt to simplify it.
11. The convoluted plot of the novel made it a challenging but rewarding read.
12. I am struggling to understand this convoluted user interface.
13. He presented a convoluted argument in defense of his controversial views.
14. The detective unraveled the convoluted series of events leading to the crime.
15. The convoluted plot of the novel kept readers guessing until the very end.
16. I struggled to understand the convoluted instructions for assembling the furniture.
17. The convoluted series of events in the movie required careful attention to follow.
18. Trying to navigate the convoluted streets of the old town proved challenging for tourists.

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