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Examples of 'desensitize' in a Sentence

1. Parents should monitor their children's screen time to ensure they do not desensitize them to inappropriate content.
2. Overexposure to graphic images and news can desensitize us to the suffering of others.
3. It is important to desensitize a horse to various sights and sounds before taking it to a busy event.
4. Medical professionals often work to desensitize patients to pain using various techniques.
5. Some therapies aim to desensitize individuals to traumatic memories to reduce their emotional impact.
6. If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking, you need to desensitize yourself by practicing in front of an audience regularly.
7. It is important to desensitize children to the sights and sounds of a dental office before their first appointment.
8. Exposure therapy can help desensitize people to the triggers of their anxiety.
9. To prevent allergies, it may be helpful to desensitize yourself by gradually increasing your exposure to allergens.
10. It is essential to desensitize soldiers to the stresses of combat to ensure they can perform under pressure.
11. Overconsumption of sensationalized news can desensitize us to important issues.
12. It is important to desensitize pets to loud noises to prevent them from becoming anxious or scared.
13. To enjoy a comfortable flight, it may be helpful to desensitize yourself to the sounds and sensations of an airplane.
14. It is crucial to desensitize young animals to human interaction to ensure they are comfortable around people.

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